15 Day Family Trip Himachal

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Partha, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Vargis Khan

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    Partha Bhai how is the trip going?
  2. Partha

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    Hello. Finally a decent net connection so more updates.

    1. Sarahan To Chitkul is ok till about 5 km before Sangla. There are patches which are bad but tolerable. Personally I found the Sangla stretch quite hair raising in terms of ghats, valleys and sharp turns. About 5 km before Sangla the road disappears. The entire stretch to Chitkul is a broken road where all your patience , car suspension, tyres and low gear driving skills will be tested.You cannot go faster than 15 to 20 kmph. However the scenery is amazing. I completely second Vargis. This has to be the best hill station that is there. We loved it so much that we modified our itinerary to spend an additional night there.

    2. Chitkul to Nako - Once you bump your way out of Chitkul and Sangla and take the Karcham Dam turn off things look good till you get to Powari. Post that forget about getting any roads. For about 15 km post the Rekong Peo turnoff all you get is dirt roads, stones, and glimpses of a road. From Ribba - Spello it is an utter disaster. The roads resemble a warzone. My sincere thanks to the engineers at Mahindra for building the Scorpio. The car can take some hammering and still keep going and what power for the climbs !! I for the life of me could not understand how the numerous Alto's on the road were surviving. The roads are basically terrible till Pooh. Terrible here being an understatement. Post Pooh sense prevails and roads improve till Nako. This includes the Kazigs before Nako. Overall I took 7 hours from Chitkul to Nako including toilet breaks and lunch

    3. The stretch from Spello to Pooh is undergoing work by the BRO team. Heavy machinery work is on and periodically roads can get blocked by work crews. To avoid this one can travel on a Sunday as the labour is on holiday on that day

    4.Road widening work is ongoing around Khab and we saw notices of blasting schedules. Some time can also be lost over here.

    That's all for now. We are on way to Tabo. Will share details once I get a net connection. Same for the photos. We have tons. All said and done even with terrible roads, heart stopping bends and dangerous climbs this has been one of the most memorable trips ever.

  3. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you so much for the update Partha Bhai. I am glad you are enjoying your trip.
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    This was super helpful. Thank you thank you thank you
  5. Partha

    Partha New Member

    Hi Afzal. Glad to be of some help.

    Further Updates..

    1. From Nako to Tabo, the road is decent. If done at a stretch on a dedicated basis it takes about 2 - 2.5 hours. If you wish to see the mummy at Giu you need to ear mark 1.5 hr. The 11km stretch heading to Giu is in bad shape. Again repair work is underway but the road is narrow and broken.

    2. On my way to Tabo i made a halt at Chango and got my tyre fixed. My second puncture during the entire route, the first being at Dalhousie. There are a couple of good garages available here and the people running the show are very helpful. If you wish you can also purchase diesel here in jerrycan, though i cannot validate the quality of the same

    3. Tabo is beautiful and our stay at the Tabo Monastery guest house was a nice touch

    4. Unfortunately due to Time constraints, we could go no further. We turned back and headed to Kalpa. Kaza is remaining and gives me a reason to come back. Locals told me that that road to Kaza is in fair condition and no major challenges foreseen

    5. For Kalpa, the approach road via Rekong Peo is in good condition. It's a steep road but the road is quite ok.

    6. From Kalpa we hit the road to Shimla via Narkanda. Again road conditions are quite good, the challenge here was the steep climb and narrow roads. As you approach Thanedar and Narkanda the traffic increases and you will spend significant amount of time, making way for the oncoming vehicle or reversing to make way

    7. While climbing Narkanda I saw a milestone that said 10 Km to Sarahan. I guess there is a way to Sarahan from here and could be a workaround to the approach road issue that I had mentioned in my earlier post for Sarahan

    8. Shimla roads as expected were quite good and not much to report here. From Shimla to Delhi on the return stretch I cam across road widening work around Kalka.
    If you travel early in the morning you wont face any delays, else there can be some traffic

    That's all folks from my end. I will post some pictures and will share the listing of hotels and homestay that I visited during my trip. Maybe it will be of some help.

    Looking forward to planning my trip to Kaza :D.
    Again many thanks to Vargis for your help via this forum.
  6. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Partha Bhai, you are back. Thank you so much for the road updates, cannot wait to hear more about your trip and see some pics. And yes, Hotel info will be superb.

    How about we plan Kaza the next time together?
  7. Partha

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    Uploading some of my favourite picture and yes Vargis, absolutely ! we plan Kaza together next time. I will post the hotel details in a day or two with my comments on the same
  8. Partha

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    Absolutely Vargis ! Next time Kaza is together. Would Love it !
    Posting some of my favourite pictures from the trip. Will post the info on hotels and recommendations in a separate post in a day or two.

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