15 Day Family Trip Himachal

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Partha, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Partha Bhai, Awesome captures, specially the butterfly one. Totally loved it. Cant wait to see more
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    Please find below the details of the hotel/home stay that I used during my trip. Also provided the link to my reviews of the property

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Partha Bhai, this definitely helps a lot. I will add this to other articles. Can you please also add here the charges you paid at each of the hotels?
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    One more question Partha Bhai? How about writing a small travelogue? You can post it here in the travelogue section, I will take some part of the write up and link it to the main blog?
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    Hi Vargis

    Sorry for the delay in response. Please find below the details of the costing. Assumed that it is a booking for two persons

    • Pathankot - Hotel Green. - 2400/- Rs per night ( Food Extra ) - Call directly at the property. I found the amount quoted cheaper than online booking sites.
    • Dalhousie - Cedar Villa HomeStay. ( Booked via AirBnB ) - 2500/- Per night ( Food Extra ).
    • Palampur - Rupayan Homestay. ( Booked via AirBnB ) - 1500/- Per night ( Food Extra). Good value for money. Rooms are spacious and clean bathrooms
    • Jibhi - The Green Alpine Jibhi, by WoodRose Camp ( Booked via AirBnB ) - 3000/- Food Inclusive
    • Sarahan - House surrounded by Apples ( Booked via AirBnB ) - 2100/- Per night (Food Extra )
    • Chitkul - Samaa Resorts - 3000/- Per night ( Food Extra )
    • Nako - Reo Purguil. - 2000/- Per night ( Food Extra) - Again excellent value for money. Room was large and very comfortable
    • Tabo - Monastery Guest House - 1000/- per night for the Family Suite.

    On the travelogue, Ok ! but you will need to give me a bit of time. :) :)

    Also saw that I missed one stay option. At Kalpa, we stayed at HPTDC Kinner Kailash

    We stayed in the 1 DBR Cozy Deluxe. Extremely recommended if you are not on a shoestring budget. Spacious and very comfortable with some lovely views. @5000/- per night

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    Thanks Partha Bhai. I will add this on the blog.

    Waiting for the travelogue now.. :)

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