Aug 13 to 20 Leh-Ladakh Itinerary suggestion & Recommendations

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Hardik Shah, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Hardik Shah

    Hardik Shah New Member


    We are 3 friends 2 male and 1 female travelling to Leh from 13-Aug to 20-Aug.
    We arrive from Ahmedabad by Flight to Leh on Monday 13-Aug morning and have a return flight from Srinagar on 20-Aug evening.
    We are currently thinking to travel as per the below itinerary, can you please suggest if this is doable and as first time travelers to Leh what would you recommend in the itinerary:
    Day 1 - Leh (Rest)
    Day 2 - Leh Sightseeing (Need suggestions on what places must be covered)
    Day 3 - Leh to Nubra via khardungla (Local sighseeing in Diskit, Hunder, camel ride, ATV ride etc.)
    Day 4 - Sightseeing in Nubra or visit Turtuk (Need suggestion if we should go to Turtuk or that would be too much to cover?)
    Day 5 - Nubra to Pangong (Would the route through Shyok be feasible in Aug?)
    Day 6 - Pangong to Leh (Overnight at Leh)
    Day 7 - Leh to Kargil (Overnight at Kargil)
    Day 8 - Kargil to Srinagar (Evening flight to Ahmedabad)

    Can someone please help me with the below queries:
    1. Does the above Itinerary make sense for a 7-8 days first time Leh trip?
    2. How will the weather be like in Aug, will there be Rain that can cause major issues?
    3. We wanted to experience River rafting, do you think it can be accommodated in the above plan, if so which place would be ideal?
    4. Are there possibilities of we getting stuck in Kargil or Srinagar due to curfew?

    I know, I have asked a lot of questions, but would appreciate any feedback.

  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    1. Yes it does but how are you traveling in Ladakh locally? And how are you traveling from Ladakh to Srinagar?
    2. There isn't much rain in Ladakh but you may come across some in Srinagar
    3. Yes. That is what you can do on Day 2 of your trip.
    4. Hard to predict. Things change in Kashmir by the hour but so far this year, there hasn't been anything major.
  3. Hardik Shah

    Hardik Shah New Member

    Thanks for your reply.
    We will be traveling within ladakh by private car we have enquired with a driver but would be good if you could suggest any local driver for 8 days?
    Also you mentioned that we can do river rafting the second day, can you confirm the place/location where this can be done?
  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    You can talk to Nasir in Leh @ 9906229203. He runs his own cab in Ladakh.

    For rafting, you will have to book one from Leh city only. I don't have any recommendations for that.

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