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    Hello Vargis just back from my 16 days leh ladakh bike tour. The ride was really awesome and we had a memorable experience. Really it was what i have heard and prepared for....
    The first half i.e from delhi to srinagar to leh all went according to plan except that our one electra bike was down and had to replaced with new carburretor in srinagar. We took batalik road to reach leh... Really thrilling... The second half was really bad and not to our expectations as the weather went bad...with snow fall,chilly breeze and rain with traffic jam at rohtang... The 3 passess that we encountered and loosing of altitude affected our health. The delhi climate didnt suit us well.
    But in all it was really a thrilling and enjoyable ride with lots of mesmerising moments to collect. Thank you for helping us to prepare for the tour beforehand in each minor things...Thanks once again..
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    Niel Bhai I am moving this thread to the "Travelogue" section. You will have to share a bit more of details of your trip and and post some pictures as well. I am sure you would have clicked many.
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    Niel Bhai .. waiting to see some pictures still.
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    Vargis bhai...I was away for some days from the forum.. I would like to bring to ur notice that there is problem in logging in the site...I have to feed my password and id number of times and after 4/5 attempts I'm IN. Please see to it....May be other people are also facing the same problem.
    Anyways...The trip to land of high passes was awesome bhai...Really we enjoyed riding in the Himalayas...Those high passes...Ahh....That beauty....I mean I can't explain in words...I'm posting some pics in the forum....
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    Let me check Niel Bhai. Waiting for some pictures meanwhile :)
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    Some words and description from you along with the pics will be great :)
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  8. Bhai, gm. can u add my number as well to whatsapp group...9010190058. I didnt travel yet. planning for 2019 season. I will learn from the tips shared in group as a silent observer. December i am planning to Spiti as I took suggestion from you from Shimla. Leh I missed this season.
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    Hi Niel - Can you share a few pictures?
  10. Afzal

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    Agreed. Some pictures are missing Niel Bhai.

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