BRO Begins Clearing Snow on Srinagar Leh Route

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    After what definitely was a very cold winter with lots of snow, BRO has finally started to clear snow from Srinagar Leh Highway. In the first part of the operation, the 12 kilometers stretch between Gagangeer to Sonamarg will be cleared and then the work will resume towards Zojila. As of now, from Srinagar side, you can only travel as far as Gagangeer; and from Leh side, the road is blocked after Kargil.

    Last year, the amount of snow on the ground was very less due to which the route was declared open in the month of March itself. The story this year, however, is entirely different; which the pictures below should be able to tell you. The entire Himalayan region received huge amounts of snow and still continues to do so. The winter in fact still continues and is not gone entirely. The pictures below are of areas around Sonamarg.

    For now, I do not think that Srinagar Leh highway will be declared open any sooner than early May.
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    The Border Roads Organisation Tuesday started clearing snow from the 12-km-long Gagangeer-Sonamarg road along the Srinagar-Kargil highway, officials said.

    The road was closed in December last year following heavy snowfall.

    A BRO official said the clearance work will be completed by the end of March “if the weather remains favorable”. He said there is huge snow to be cleared this year as compared to last year on the road from Gagangeer side.

    “Around six to seven feet of snow has accumulated on the road this year,” he said.

    He said after reaching Sonamarg, “we will be heading towards the Zojila pass to clear its 30-km-long stretch of snow”.

    The project beacon of the BRO is responsible for maintenance and clearance of the road up to zero point near Zojila from Sonamarg side, while the Vijayak of the BRO clears the road from the Drass side.

    Source: GreaterKashmir
  6. Dear Varghis,

    I am planning a trip from April 17-20. This would be my first trip to Leh-Ladakh. Plan to reach from Delhi by Air and return by air. What do I expect during that time this year: in terms of weather, what I won't be able to see because of connectivity during that time, in terms of variance with the usual picturesque scenes?

    Thanks a ton in advance


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    It is going to be very cold so please prepare accordingly. You will be able to visit all tourist places so there won't be any change or miss there.

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