Budget camping in Jispa pangong and nubra

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  1. Rahul Srivastava

    Rahul Srivastava New Member

    Hello Vargis bhai.. I am visiting in July 2018. Please provide me few suggestions for budget camping in jispa, nubra and pangong. Also of I need to avoid camping at any of above location for any reason. Or if you can suggest me better place to camp. My itinerary is as follows.
    Day 1. reach manali morning
    Day 2. 3am start for jispa and stay at jispa
    Day 3. early start for leh and stay at leh
    Day 4. stay at leh. Local permit and sightseeing
    Day 5. start for hindee/dikshit and camp stay at junta
    Day 6. start for hanging via shok river and camp stay at pangong
    Day 7. start for leh and stay at leh
    Day 8. start for kargil and stay at kargil
    Day 9. start for srinagar and stay at Srinagar
    Day 10. local Srinagar
    Day 11. start for delhi
    We are four people and budget traveller.
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Rahul Bhai,

    1. Your itinerary looks good enough. Just one change, you do not have to start by 3 AM from Manali. Even if you started by 6-7 AM, you will easily make it there by evening.

    2. Yes you will have to arrange for 3 different taxis. But since you are on budget, I will recommend to stay away from private taxis. Opt for either bus or a local shared taxi. Private taxi will cost you way too much, like 10-15000 for 2 days.

    3. Yes, do not book in advance anywhere. All 3 places have camp sites. Just reach there and book a camp per your liking.

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