Camping at Pangong Lake Banned by Authorities

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  1. Vargis Khan

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    In what will definitely be a heard breaking move for people planning to visit Ladakh this year, authorities have decided to ban camping at Pangong lake completely. This will be applicable for campsites and self-camping both. Bulldozers have been put in action and every structure on the banks of Pangong has been demolished. Campsites owners have been instructed to not bring up any more constructions near the lake, either temporary or permanent. People planning to self camp as well will not be allowed to pitch their tents anymore.

    This step has been taken in order to prevent degradation of the lake by taking well planned, sustainable and scientific steps. After the recent boost in tourism in Ladakh, several camps, restaurants, huts have come up along the banks of Pangong. Most of these structures are illegal and have been set up without any permission. Too many tourists and too many campsites has resulted in an increase in all kinds effluents and contaminants; which poses a serious threat to the very existence of the lake; as well as the wildlife around. Steps are also being taken to seal all bore wells and hand pumps; which are operating illegally and without permission.

    Actually, this decision was taken last year and was supposed to have been brought in effect effective September 15th. The law was put in place but never implemented though. Campsites continued to operate till the end of tourist season and no action was taken. This year, however, before the season began, it was made clear that there will be no more commercial structures around the lake on state-owned land.


    What does this mean for you as a tourist? It means that you will have to choose from either of the following.
    • Make a day trip to Pangong. Start early from Leh by 5 AM, reach Pangong, spend some time and return by evening.
    • Look for a place to stay in the villages of Spangmik, Man or Merak if you want to stay close to the lake. However, considering the fact that these are just small villages and tourists arrive in thousands, chances are that you will not find anywhere to stay for the night.
    • If you are OK with staying a bit far from Pangong, look for a place to stay at either Durbuk or Tangste. Both these villages are about 30 to 40 kilometers away from the lake. But these too will get crowded and accommodation at these places also will be a challenge.

    No More Camping at Pangong Lake

    There could be a change or at least a modification to the law later in the year after the season starts. Some campsites may get set up at some distance from Pangong but as of now, the ban is complete and absolute in terms of state-owned land. Locals at Spangmik or other nearby villages may bring about new constructions on their privately owned land later in the year but there is no update on it yet.
  2. Kapil Rana

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    We had planned Camping at Pangong.

    But now what should we do now ?
    We will be 3 days in Leh Ladakh

    Any suggestions, please ?
  3. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Some camp sites are still operational.
  4. asid

    asid New Member

    vargis Bhayi , any updates about pangong lake accommodation
    I will be there in September first inshaallah
  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    It is still available Asid Bhai. Not all camp sites were removed.
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  6. asid

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    Thanks you so much vargis Bhayi . Now can I book the hotels in advance ?..
  7. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Not now. Book a week before you go.
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  8. asid

    asid New Member

    Thank you vargis Bhayi ,
  9. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    You are welcome Bhai !!!
  10. drda

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    Dear Vargis
    I found your site really really wonderful and useful for all Himalaya lover. This is my first post, I will take opportunity to introduce my self, I am 58 yr Himalaya lover, fond travelling by self driven vehicle. Vargis thanks for this wonderful service.

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