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  1. Omar

    Omar New Member

    Hi everyone!
    Before anything else, I’d like to thank to all of you for sharing your experiences here and specially to you Vargis for giving all that reliable information and tips. This forum it’s been my main source for planning my trip

    So, I’m flying from Bilbao to Delhi on August 21. It’s gonna be my second time in your country and probably not the last...
    I’d like to rent a motorbike and drive towards Leh via Amritsar-Jammu-Srinagar.
    I’ll do this first part of the trip on my own and my first question is the following: I’ve read that it’s not possible to rent in Manali and drive in Ladakh so, what if I rent it in Delhi? (or Chandigarh) Could I drive there or it’d be the same as if I rent in Manali?
    The second is about Srinagar. What about the situation there, is it safe? Is there any area witch is better to avoid?

    For the second part of the trip I’ll be riding with some friends. They will be in Leh on september 5th and we have around 15 days to explore the area. The main idea is more or less: Nubra-Pangong-Moriri-Manali.
    So the question is, if they rent in Leh is it possible to arrive to Manali? Or should we go back to Leh after Moriri and do that part by bus?

    Thanks for reading! Greetings from Donosti!
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Omar - Welcome to India my friend.

    1. It is the same case as Manali. The locals there don't allow any other rented bikes to be used there except for their own. So no matter where you rent it from, once you reach Leh, you will have to leave the bike parked at the hotel and rent another motorcycle there.
    2. Things have been OK in Kashmir so far this year but cannot predict anything about September. Better would be to keep a close check on the news or check back wit me before starting your trip.
    3. If you rent a bike in Leh and leave it at Manali, you would be charged an additional Rs. 15k just as transportation cost. So yes, better would be to circle back to Leh city and then catch a bus or shared taxi for Manali.
  3. Omar

    Omar New Member

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply Bhai!

    Unfortunately point number 1 changes everything... It’d be fantastic to do Delhi-Leh and back using the same bike, I just can’t afford the coast of having two motorbikes rented during our trip in Ladakh. So probably I’ll do Delhi-Amritsar-Srinagar-Leh by train-bus... but it’s not the same :( any other idea? Maybe rent a private bike is possible?

    About the situation in Srinagar I’ll check the news and yes, I’ll ask you again by the end of this month ;)

    Thank you again Vargis, you’re sooo kind. It’s great to have first hand info being so far!
  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    You are welcome brother !!! Someday I hope you would be my guide in Spain :)

    Private motorcycles too unfortunately won't work because the rule they have up there is that the bike must be registered in your own name. It is hooliganism I agree but that is what they do over there to ensure that people rent from them and not elsewhere.
  5. Omar

    Omar New Member

    Ok, then I’ll go to Leh by public transport. Won’t be the same than driving but it will be really fine, I’m really excited!!

    And of course! You are more than welcome here too. Our city is very well located by the sea and really close to the Pyrenees range! Diferent scenery but beutiful as well

    Thank you so much bhai!
  6. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Omar Bhai. I definitely will plan a visit to Spain someday; that is on my bucket list :)

    Don't forget to share some pictures of your India trip though once you are back home :)

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