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  1. Rupack

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    Hello Vargis. I am a new member of your travel blogs. I like your blogs and writing style very much. I must say you are doing a great job here, serving all of the travel enthusiasts like us, selflessly. Your posts are always informative and to the point!

    Now, writing to you as for the fact that me and my friend (we are only 2 in number) reside in Bangladesh. We are planning for a journey to Leh in around the last week of June and first week of July. We are job-holders and have really less time to travel so we have decided to complete part of the journey by air. We have in total 6 days in our hand.

    Detailed itinerary:

    Day 1, June 25
    Delhi to Srinagar plane (at 5:40 AM)
    Reach Srinagar at 7.00 AM
    Start for Dal lake tourist center BUS terminal (23 kms)
    Take bus to Leh at 8 AM (direct if possible, and find hotels), OR, Shared Taxi for leh, OR, broken journey and stayover at Kargil (find hotels again)

    Day 2, June 26
    If no direct bus was possible, start from Kargil in the same bus early morning.
    If direct bus was possible, Stay at leh, city sightseeing. Avail PAP for going outskirts.

    Day 3, June 27

    Roam around leh outskirts with PAP.

    Day 4, June 28
    Roam around leh outskirts with PAP.
    If possible start for Manali, if not then stay at leh.

    Day 5, June 29

    Start for Manali early morning. If possible take this bus (direct to Delhi:

    1 night stopover at Keylong (find accommodation/hotels)

    Day 6, June 30
    Start from Keylong early morning by bus.
    Reach Delhi.

    1. First question is will there be any monsoon over there? Because we really don't like rain and a hazy, misty weather during our travel. What about weather in Manali?

    2. Next up, seeing the itinerary which place would be perfect for getting our PAP? If I want to stay a night at any hotel at srinagar/kargil will I require PAP as a foreign national?

    3. I read almost all your blog writings. I would like to know about the particular bus and its timings which leaves from Srinagar and arrives at Leh without staying over one night at Kargil. Does that stop at any place for sightseeings?

    4. If I miss the 8 AM bus to Leh from Srinagar, will there be any sort of good buses/transportation later on at afternoon or evening to Leh? Are the shared taxis always available or there is a time slot for them too? Does all these form of transport stop over for sightseeings?

    5. Is my itinerary too tightly packed for triggering AMS? I haven't traveled to such heights ever and this would be my first time.

    6. Should I prebook a hotel at Leh and then travel to leh? Or can I get on there and just get in some hotels? Are cheap hotels available upfront? We are putting emphasis on cheap hotels, as we are low on budget for hotels. Do provide some budget hotels/transport contacts if you have for us.

    Please recommend us what to do. And suggest edits where needed. You are most welcome to do that. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Rupack - Welcome to RoadRagas and thank you so much for your kind appreciating words.

    1. Monsoon hits this region sometime in July so there won't be any rain in June.
    2. No PAP required for Srinagar or even till Leh for both Indians and foreign nationals. It is only needed if you want to go beyond Leh towards Nubra Valley or Pangong. Indians have to get an inner line permit and foreigners have to get a protected area permit. For more details on PAP, see the below article.

    3. No direct bus from Srinagar to Leh, unless some private tour operator arranges for it. The JKSRTC buses make it a 2 day journey, halting at Kargil for the night.

    4. If you miss the 8 AM bus, then you can catch a shared taxi from TRC Sriangar, until 12 noon. They make it a one day journey, running straight to Leh by next day morning.

    5. You may suffer from AMS if you make it a one day journey to Sriangar. Give it a day, take rest and the symptoms will go away themselves.

    6. No need to book any hotels; you will just end up paying more. Just go there, find a hotel within your budget and check in. As a matter of fact, before fixing the price, do not even mention that you are from Bangladesh. Just pretend that you are an Indian, from Bengal. They tend to charge more if not Indian. For cheap hotels, see the article below.
  3. Rupack

    Rupack New Member

    Okay thank you Vargis for your prompt reply. That's a point by point answer to my query...once again, which shows how meticulous you are in the details! My earnest gratitude to you.

    Now, I would like to highlight some things here:

    1. The bus journey I mentioned in Day 5, will this be available? Do you know the details of this bus? It would be very helpful then. Video link -

    2. Can you please suggest us an itinerary for the three days (Day 2, 3, 4) we will be staying at Leh? We don't have any idea which routes and places will be perfect for taking and visiting within these 3 days.

    3. As you said, PAP is only required to visit some restricted areas as its name suggests. So we won't require any passes to stay in hotels as foreigners. But when we check-in to hotels if we show our passport they will be charging more, as you said. Again, if we pretend we are from WB they will charge the usual fare. Now, if we do that won't that be against the law? Are there any chances of we being harassed by military personnel/hotel manager if this is caught later on after check-in to the hotel as West Bengal citizens?

    4. Do all the buses from Srinagar to Leh and from Leh to Manali stop for sightseeings?

    5. Is it okay to come back from Leh to Delhi via Manali in just 33 hours? Is the decent vs. time for health acclimatization legit?

    Thanks in advance!
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  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Rupack Bhai.

    1. That is Delhi to Leh bus. See the post below for details.

    2. Are you planning to rent bikes in Leh or hire taxi?

    3. I did not say that you continue to pretend. I just said that do not tell them this beforehand. First negotiate a reasonable price that suits you and after you have come to an agreement, then produce our passport while checking and signing in the register. Do not disclose this upfront the moment you walk in.

    4. Yes

    5. Yes it is Ok. Problem only occurs when you go to a high altitude all of a sudden, not when you come down to lower.
  5. Rupack

    Rupack New Member

    Great infos! Thanks once again.

    1. Somehow I missed this Delhi to Leh bus article of yours. Thanks for sharing! Informative piece of writing. Only way to know which alternate days the bus is running, is by calling the number provided?

    2. I am not planning to rent bikes there. We will travel by other modes of transportation like hired taxis, shared taxis, jeeps and any other mode that is available to move comfortably in Leh.

    3. Okay. Got it now!

    A mere thanks to you would do nothing to compensate and justify the time and effort you are giving to spread these useful travel infos.
  6. Rupack

    Rupack New Member

    Hello Vargis bhai. As we aren't renting bikes there (Leh), can you provide us with a 3-day itinerary for Leh only?
  7. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Rupack Bhai, appreciate your kind words.

    1. Yes, you will have to call them and ask. But that bus will not start before July so not really an option for you. But still call the number and confirm.

    2. 3 days will really be tough if you want to travel by public transport. Frequency over there is not really that great. I would recommend that you rent a bike so that you can cover as much as possible.
  8. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Leh only? Just the city, you do not want to visit the nearby areas like Nubra or Pangong?
  9. Rupack

    Rupack New Member

    Actually bro, we only have 3 to 4 days at max at Leh, before going to Manali. We however, DO want to visit all that which is possible within this short time (wish we could stay for 7 days at least at Leh!).
    So can you please give us a useful itinerary of those that could be done and visited within these 4 days? Nubra and Pangong will take 2 days itself I guess?
    PS. As you are insisting for renting bikes, actually bike isn't an option for us as we can't drive bikes. :p So we are only left with other forms of transport.
  10. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    What you can do is speak to any of the local tour operators. They usually run a tourist shared taxis, clubbing in a group of people together. If that works out, you can use that to make a day trip to both Nubra and Pangong each. If not, then the only choice you will have is to board the Diskit or Panamik bus from Leh, return the next day, then take the bus to Pangong and return the next day.

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