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  1. Rupack

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    Diskit and Panamik are different areas as far as I know. What's there to visit in Panamik bro? Diskit has a Gompa shrine to visit I guess.

    1. Where can I find the local tour operators? Won't they charge in excess as compared to traveling solo?

    2. If I reach Leh at evening, will I be able to arrange the permit by that night myself? If I choose to use the tour operators' service instead, will they arrange the permit to visit the protected places?

    3. Can I go to Pangong lake and then from there to Nubra directly - without going back to Leh again? Then we can save some time. But are there any ways/transports/buses to provide this service?

    4. Are there any activities that can be done over at/around Leh? Like paragliding, rafting etc.

    5. Last of all can you give me proper itinerary for 4 days starting from morning Day 1 at Leh, with a wish to see as much of Leh and outskirts of Leh as possible.

    Thanks in advance Vargis bhai.
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  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    I was just giving you a choice to board the bus bro. There are different buses going towards Nubra so if you missed the one for Diskit, catch the one for Panamik.
    1. Yes, local tour operators will charge but this will be your best choice.
    2. Cannot arrange permits at night. Has to be during day.
    3. No public transport available on Pangong to Nubra direct route.
    4. You do not really have time but river rafting is available at Lamayuru.
    5. When are you landing in Leh? What date and day?
  3. Rupack

    Rupack New Member

    We will be starting for Leh from Srinagar early morning on 23rd June (via bus). So we will reach Leh by 24th June evening, as bus route suggests (with one night stayover at Kargil).
  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Traveling by Bus will definitely be difficult when there is a strict timeline Rupak Bhai. I suggest that you look for shared taxis at Leh bus stand. Local use these to travel around. This will be your best bet. Your entire trip will depend on how fast the travel agent in Leh is able to arrange for your permits.
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  5. Rupack

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    Ok thanks Vargis bro.

    1. We are deciding to go for a shared taxi then. Can we ask the hotel manager to arrange for that (as we don't have much time) ? Or is Leh bus/taxi stand the only place to fix the shared taxi?

    2. Also, I heard there's much rush now due to traveler number increasing at Leh. If we want to spend the night at Pangong and then travel to Nubra (shared taxi), then should we book a hotel at Leh for 3 nights (our entire durationa at Leh) or just for 1 night (as we will be traveling to Nubra and Pangong)? As my friend who went to Nubra and Pangong Tso came back to Leh after 2 days to their previous hotel to find out it was booked by another family meanwhile and they had to search for yet another hotel at that night)!

    Please advise!
  6. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Rupack Bhai, There are two types of shared taxis. One is the tourist shared taxis which tour operators arrange clubbing a few solo travellers or maybe a couple together. This will be cheaper than a private taxi but still a bit costly for someone wanting to travel by public transport. Second option is the local shared taxi which the locals use to move around. This will cost almost the same a a bus, maybe just a but higher. This you can get from Leh bus stand.

    It would be better to book your hotel for 3 days straight just to be on a safer side and avoid unnecessary hassle.
  7. Rupack

    Rupack New Member

    Okay. Thank you Vargis bro. Can Nubra valley and Pangong tso be covered in one single day? Like, getting out to Nubra from leh at morning 5 am and then spend the night at Pangong lake that day?
    What can be the fare for taxi rent for this itinerary?
  8. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Rupack Bhai,

    No you cannot do Nubra and Pangong on the same day, impossible it is.

    Private taxi rent till Nubra will be around Rs. 13000. Local shared taxi will cost you only a few hundred.
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