Dhanaulti : Reigniting The Passion

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    By evening, we were close to reaching Dhanaulti and stopped at a tea shop for a cup of tea. I noticed that the tea stall owner was also running a guest house. The location of the guest house and the view is something I really liked and upon enquiring we found out that he had rooms available at Rs. 400 per room. We checked the rooms and I kind of did not have a problem staying because we just needed a bed to crash on and will be on our way the next morning. Shoaib however did not like the idea of staying there and his biggest concern, surprisingly, was that there was no TV available. Guest house owner was standing right there with us while we were discussing this and even though we kept our conversation in English, he understood that we did not like his rooms and were talking bad about it. We said no for the rooms, had our tea and continued towards Dhanaulti from there. Little did we know that a surprise awaited us there.






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    The first time I was in Dhanaulti, it was only a few houses here and there and only two hotels. I remember we paid only Rs. 200 back then for a room for two. We liked the place so much that it kind of became our weekend getaway because of the silence and amazing vistas it offered. It was like spending time in complete silence and solitude. I visited this place numerous times and the last time I was here in 2013, even then we easily found a hotel at a reasonable price but the situation was now completely different. Now Dhanaulti has end number of hotels and that evening, we could not find even a single one vacant. The ones that did have a room available were crazily overpriced. There were people all around and I felt like I was standing either in Missouri or Shimla. The very reason for us liking the place had now vanished.

    After checking in almost every hotel in Dhanaulti and getting disappointed, we had no other option but to return to Heavenly guest house again which we did but even here, another surprise awaited us. The owner who had initially offered us a room for Rs. 400 was now asking Rs. 500, within a matter of half an hour. When I asked him why, he just smiled and said, "You already know why". Reason was obviously clear. We offended him first by talking bad about his guest house and then refusing to rent it and now we were back there. We agreed to his price as Rs. 500 was still reasonable and checked in.



    It started to rain a little while later so the option of stepping out of the hotel and going for a stroll was no longer available. There was no TV in the room as well so we had nothing else to do but to sit and chat. While we were doing that, I got a call from home and was asked by my folks to be back in Delhi by 6 PM the next day. It meant that we will have to start as early as we can from Dhanaulti. I informed the same to the hotel owner and paid him off in full including the meals so that we can leave in early hours without having the need to wake him up.

    Dinner arrived a little later. Quite simple but delicious.


    After dinner, while the other three got busy in watching Baahubali in Vikram's I-Phone, I called it a day and crawled under the blanket.

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    Day 2 - Dhanaulti to Delhi

    I was the first one to wake up the next day which happens with me most of the times. Even I am not sure why but while on trips; I am always sitting straight up in my bed before the sun dawns. I looked at my watch that morning and the clock showed 5 AM and hence the Herculean task of getting everyone out of their beds started. I had to be back by evening in Delhi so the idea was to start as early as possible. One by one we all left our beds. The owner of the guest house was still fast asleep so there was no chance of any kind of breakfast or even a cup of tea before we started. We knew that we will have to have our breakfast somewhere on the way.

    Little before 6 AM, we started on our way towards Missouri from Dhanaulti. The route for today was going to be Dhanaulti – Missouri – Dehradun – Chhutmalpur – Rourkee-Delhi.

    Finally the Sun decided to show up.




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    Another break on the way


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    Pretty soon we had crossed Missouri and were descending on our way towards Dehradun. We haven’t had anything to eat so far and all of were quite hungry and quite eager to lay our hands on a cup of tea. Next break came at a Dhaba and while we waited for the tea and Paranthas to arrive, I noticed a small garden right next to the Dhaba and decided to indulge myself in some flowers photography.



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    Patiently we waited and waited for our dearest breakfast to arrive. While the tea was served a short while after, the Paranthas took well over an hour to arrive and we kept cursing ourselves for stopping at this particular Dhaba and waste time and nerve.

    Vikram waiting patiently.

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    After having the much awaited but disappointing breakfast, we started on our way to Dehradun.

    The city of Dehradun



    It was more of a monotonous drive after that. We crossed Dehradun, turned towards Chhutmalpur and were soon nearing Rourkee. We stopped at another Dhaba after Chhutmalpur and to my surprise; I found another garden right next to the Dhaba. While we again waited for the tea, I indulged in some flower photography again. This time however, it was not just flowers that I got a chance to click. The entire garden was full of butterflies and I did get some amazing captures. There was one butterfly in particular that I tried really hard to capture but it just wouldn’t rest long enough on a flower so that I can take a shot. This was a black butterfly with amazing blue and white patterns on it but the moment I would point my camera in its direction, it would again take off. I couldn't get even a single good shot of it, no matter how hard I tried.




    Some flowers from the same garden



    Black butterfly that I was talking about.


    Wasim trying his hand and clicking butterflies while I was having tea.


    One of the numerous butterflies sat on Wasim's hand and I was able to get this amazing shot.

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    After having tea and spending some time clicking pictures, we started on our way again. Near Mussorie I had noticed that the front bumper of Thar was missing a bolt and coming lose so we stopped at a Mechanic to get it screwed in tight again. After that we continued to drive, first on the upper Ganga Canal road until Muzaffarnagar and then on the highway till Delhi.
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    Thanks everyone for reading
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    Superb bhai

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