Dharamsala, How long?

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Harry, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Harry

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    Jitender, seeing you are from Dharamsala I figured you would have to be the one to ask :)
    Seeing when we get to Dharamsala it will be close to the end of our trip, but we will Should still have a few days up our sleeve. How many days do you think would we would need to see the area? I realise that is probably an unfair question. I was originally thinking a couple of days. Would that do it justice?
  2. jitenderpathania

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    Hi Harry,

    Yes mostly people tend to spend only a couple of days here. Some guests who are more interested have a insight of Buddhism religion & culture tend to stay little longer.

    Mcleodgunj is where most people want to stay. But does get crowdy with lot of traffic jams during the season time. Yes you may opt for places like Naddi which is relatively calmer.

    One day can easily be spend visiting the Dalai Lama Temple & Monastery, Bhagsu Falls and adjoining areas. One day can be for leisure.
  3. Harry

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    Many thanks!

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