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Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Praneet Singh, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Praneet Singh

    Praneet Singh New Member

    Hi bhai.
    Greetings for your good work.
    I am planning for a trip to Leh in October. Kindly review my itinerary for the same. I have applied for permits online and have selected all the available circuits mentioned in the list. (For Safety so as to not miss any point where permits might be required through the journey). Also i want to know whether i have to take multiple copies of the online permit that is generated or do i have to take the copies after payment and getting it stamped?
    Do they ask for photostats / Xerox or each copy should be individually stamped?
    My itinerary:
    Fly from Chennai - Delhi - Leh.

    02/10/18 - Reach Leh.
    Acclimate and rest + arrange permits and bike and leh local sightseeing. + {River Rafting if time allows at Nimmu.}

    03/10/18 - Hunder (via KhardungLa )
    Night stay at Diskit.

    04/10/18 - Diskit to Pangong via Shyok Valley.
    Night Camp at Pangong Lake.

    05/10/18 - Pangong - Leh (via Tangtse - ChangLa - Karu - Thiksey - Leh.)
    Night stay at leh.

    06/10/18 - Leh to Kargil (via Khalsi - Dha - Batalik .) *** WHAT ARE THE PERMITS REQUIRED HERE EXCEPT DHA ??? Night stay at Kargil.

    07/10/18 - Kargil to Srinagar (via Drass - Zojila - Sonamarg.) Night stay at Srinagar.

    08/10/18 - Srinagar Lakes and Somamarg sightseeing. Night stay at Somamarg.

    09/10/18 - Sonamarg to Leh via Mulbekh - Lamayuru route.
    I know its very much but will try to cover maximum as much as possible and if not then halt at kargil for Night Stay.

    10/10/18 - Kargil to Leh. rest . And explore Leh locals .

    11/11/18 - Fly Back to Chennai.
    Please help me out at points you feel to.
    Praneet Singh.
    08789940088 / 07677766999.
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Praneet - Your itinerary is doable but how are you traveling around in Ladakh?? The normal ILP will work for the Batalik route as well.
  3. Praneet Singh

    Praneet Singh New Member

    I am planning to hire 4 bikes from Leh.
    And moving onto permit.... In my permit there is no such mention for batalik...
    its just Dha... will it work ?
    And is there any permit required just before you are about to enter Kargil ???
  4. Praneet Singh

    Praneet Singh New Member

    Plus i am doubtful about getting the permits issued on 2nd october... whats ur opinion ???
  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    1. Bikes - Yes then the itinerary is definitely doable
    2. Dha - Yes that will work for Batalik
    3. 2nd Oct - No you will not get permits on 2nd.
  6. Praneet Singh

    Praneet Singh New Member

    How much time would i require to obtain the permits if i opt to take it on 3rd ???
    And is there any option to get the permits ready on 1st october itself through any agent / firm ???
  7. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    You can try contacting a hotel there. Transfer them the money, send your IDs and book your stay with them. They will arrange the permit for an additional charge.
  8. Praneet Singh

    Praneet Singh New Member

    Please go through this drafting. Is it alright or you feel some alterations could have been done for the better ?? Suggest as yu feel like...

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  9. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Yes your itinerary looks good ... No change required
  10. Praneet Singh

    Praneet Singh New Member

    One more thing...
    Is it true that Bikes which sould be hired in Leh will not be allowed upto Srinagar ??
    What is the scenario in this regard?

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