Failed Photography Walk at Humayun's Tomb

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    Humayun’s tomb is probably one place where anyone who has even the slightest of interest in Photography must visit. A grand historical monument surrounded by lush green gardens presents a perfect setting for photography. The tomb remains open from sunrise till sunset and a preferred time to get the best shots would be at either of these times. My favorite is to get there early in the morning as there are hardly any people around at that time and I can trying to take photographs without worrying about people walking in front of the camera or too many people in the shot.

    A couple of weeks ago, I along with a friend of mine decided to visit the tomb and get some morning shots. I packed up my photography gear, picked up my friend at around 5 AM and both of us were at the tomb by 5.30, just when the dawn was breaking. My idea was to get there by the first light so we can be inside the tomb before the sun shows. However little did I know that nothing was to go as planned that morning.

    We were there at 5.30 but the tomb was not open yet. We waited patiently for the guard to open the gate but the clock kept ticking and there was no sign of someone with the keys. I started to get a little impatient when the clock showed 5.50 as the sun was about to come up. There was a guard sitting at the gate and I asked him why wasn’t he opening the gates to which he answered that he did not have the keys and another guy was about to come up who was in-charge of opening and ticket distribution. Impatient and annoyed, we kept waiting and the clock kept ticking. Finally the guy who was to open the gate came at 6.20 and by that time, the sun was already up. I had already missed one thing that I came for but there was still time to get some good morning shots.

    I was the only one carrying a DSLR and my friend was just accompanying me as he had never visited the tomb before. He had no interest in photography and was just in for a morning visit to the tomb. After the gate opened, we bought the tickets and stepped in.




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    We had already gone a few steps and after a clicking a few shots, my camera ran out of battery and refused to take any more photographs. I usually recharge my camera before every trip or a photography outing but this time it had slipped off my mind. With the camera dead, there was nothing else to do but to take a walk and go back home. My friend had just bought a Lenovo Vibe X phone and we decided the camera capabilities of the phone instead. Camera was not really that great but not bad either.


    photography-trip-humayun's-tomb-6.JPG photography-trip-humayun's-tomb-7.jpg


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    I noticed this eagle sitting at a ledge and I so badly missed my DSLR. The camera zoom wasn’t enough to capture close up shots of the eagle so I decided to walk a little close. As expected, I had hardly taken a few steps before the eagle noticed me closing in and flew away.








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    It was the month of May and soon, it started to get really hot even though it was just 7 in the morning. After walking around for some time in the lush green garden, we came back to our car and decided to drive home, planning to come back at some other weekend with a fully charged camera.
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    Thanks everyone for reading
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    Wow Bro superb sharing again (y)
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    Shukriya bhai
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