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    Hello Vargis Khan,

    I am Biprasish from Bangladesh! Your blog really helps me a lot! I can't describe in a word! I learned many things from your blog and all the information are so important. Thanks dear for making a beautiful and informative blog regarding ladakh tour! Anyway, I need some inquiries regards ladakh tour and hotel! I will be very glad if you kindly help us regarding the below issues! Please dear!

    1) We are 4 in group! Can we be in a single room? With 2 double bed? Will they provide any extra bed? What will be the average cost per night?(excluding food) any idea?

    2) Though we are foreigner, what will be the process of inner line permit? Or protected area permit? Do Bangladeshi allow to visit protected area? Like khardungla, pangong etc? Please help us! Whats the status right now?

    3) We are expected to come at 6th october. What will be the conditions of road? Will it be open specially from manali to leh road?

    4) what will be the average temperature in leh? Any predictions?
    5) And lastly what kind of mobile operator usually use in Leh zone?

    Could you please help us to review our tour plan? Here is our plan:-

    Sep-30: Kolkata to Delhi(train: 19 hours)
    Oct-1: Delhi to manali(11 hours: cab)
    Oct-2: check in manali hotel. Full day rest.
    Oct-3: Rohtang pass n local sightseeing.

    Oct-4: manali to leh.
    Oct-4: halt at jispa
    Oct-5: jispa to leh.
    Oct-6: check in n full day rest.(AMS)
    Oct-7: local sight seeing(4-6 places)
    Oct-8: leh-khardungla-nubra valley
    Oct-9: diskit, hunder, turtuk
    Oct-10: nubra to pangong lake
    Oct-10: check in at leh again
    Oct-11: leh to kolkata.(11 hours- air/ connecting flight)
    Oct-12: back to our sweet home

    Thank you! Advanced thanks for considering our issues! We will be really glad if you can help us by providing the above issues! It will help us a lot! Thank you very much dear! Have a good day!


  2. Vargis Khan

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    Hello Biprasish Bhai - Sorry about the late reply and thank you for your encouraging words. I am glad that all the inforamtion was of help. Coming to your questions,

    1. They will first try to make you take two rooms, so they can get extra money out of you. You will have to talk your way through but after a lot of negotiation, they will give you one room with a double bed and put extra mattress in it at additional cost.

    2. For Protected area permit, you will need to contact a travel agent. Take a look at the post below and read comments by a Shabuz. He too was from Bangladesh and have shared a few tips for foreign nationals. Scroll down a bit through the comments.

    3. Manali to Leh will be open but can close anytime in October.

    4. Days will still be moderately warm, nights will be extremely cold though.

    5. For mobile services, take a look at this post.

    How are you planning to travel though? Public transport or private taxi? You can only do Nubra to Pangong in a single day if you are by your own vehicle. There is no public transport available on the direct connecting routes. Rest of your itinerary is good.

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