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    RAJESH WAHAL New Member

    Dear Mr Khan,
    I salute you for your patience in handling queries from innumerable people like us.
    I plan to travel the stretch from Manali - stay at Keylong for 2 days - stay at Jispa / Darcha ( kindly suggest) - stay at Sarcchu or Pang ( kindly suggest)- stay at Tso Kar - Stay at Tso Moriri - stay at Hemis- stay at Shey - Leh.
    My wife is an asthma / Arthritis / Diabetes patient. But mentally tough and we have traversed Kalpa / Spiti / Chamba dist previously . Crossed Kunjum & Rohtang on the same day. But still O2 levels remain a concern.
    Kindly suggest whether this route is ok and whether its ok to start the trip by 15-20th September.
    Thanks once again for your patience.
    Best Regards,
    Rajesh Wahal
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Mr. Wahal,

    Honestly Sir I do not feel qualified to advise in case of a medical condition. I would strongly advise consulting a doctor before you take the trip. My word is just from a traveler's point of view.

    Passes you will cross on the way to Leh will be higher than both Kunzum and Rohtang. You can stay at Keylong and Jispa but definitely avoid Sarchu and Pang and head straight to Leh. Almost everyone suffers from acute mountain sickness at these two places because of the altitude. She may not feel anything since you are taking the journey slow, would already have spend 2 days in Keylong and one at Jispa. To be quiet honest, there is not anything here anyways, just a few chadar tents in the middle of nowhere.

    At Tso Kar yes you can stay or even go to Tso Moriri. But please make that call depending on how your wife feels. If she sign of discomfort, drop the plan and head straight to Leh.

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