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    In all my years of travel, I have stayed in numerous hotels and guest houses prices of which ranged from anywhere between Rs. 200 to Rs. 7,500 per night. However, in all these places, one hotel that would always remain my favorite is Hotel Apple Orchard in Dhanaulti. Do not get me wrong, I have no personal affiliation with the owner or staff of the hotel and there were times when I was in Dhanaulti but did not stay here. My opinion is only from the point of view of a visitor, a guest who stayed there a few times and really loved the place.

    Dhanaulti is a small town about 25 kms from Mussorie. A small and very peaceful village, it is a great a place for anyone looking to get away from the rushed city life and looking for some solitude. This place is located amidst the might Himalayas, at a great height and remains cold 12 months. There are several hotels in Dhanaulti but the best one in my opinion is Hotel Apple Orchard.

    Tariff: When I visited here first about 7 years ago, I got a room with a double bed for Rs. 1000. Rates as of now would be anywhere between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000.

    Location: This is the best part about this hotel. It is located about a kilometer or 2 outside Dhanaulti amongst lush green hills and the entire hotel is surrounded with apple trees. The location and setting of the hotel is perfect. I will let a few pictures do the talking.

    Parking: There is ample parking space available that can hold more than 10 cars.

    Rooms: Very clean and tidy rooms, spacious and huge glass windows that will give you view of lush green hills right in front of the hotel. One morning I woke up there and the entire hotel was covered under a thick blanket of clouds.

    Washrooms: Very clean washrooms with hot water facilities available. There is no Indian style toilet here though.

    Staff: The entire staff of the hotel is very friendly, humble, professional and always eager to serve. Whatever we have ordered was made available within a few minutes.

    Food: This I must admit was not up to the mark. I am not saying that the food was bad but it wasn’t good either. Taste was just average. If you want to have non-vegetarian, you would have to let them know a few hours in advance so they can make arrangements.

    Phone Facility: Dhanaulti has great phone connectivity so you would not be facing any trouble with your cellphone but in case you want to use a landline phone, you will have to walk to Dhanaulti. There is no STD or ISD facility available at the hotel.

    Conclusion: In the end, I will say that it was always a great pleasure staying at Hotel Apple Orchard. My stay here was always very comfortable and joyous. We had a bonfire going everytime we stayed here and long hours of sitting around the fire amidst mighty hills and cold winds was fun times. If you are visiting Dhanaulti anytime soon, my recommendation would always be Hotel Apple Orchard.
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    Some pics of the hotel


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    I also stayed there. it was pleasant stay. its in the outskirts of dhanaulti, amidst tranquill valley-hence away from noise.
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    Yes it is Dr. Rajesh. Great place to stay

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