Is Ladakh possible to visit avoiding the dangerous passes.

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Eddy Torremans, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Eddy Torremans

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    Hi Vargas, thank you again for your information.
    I could actually add 5-6 days from Shimla (depart from Shimla early morning on June 4 and to arrive in Leh evening of june 9).
    Will I be able to cross this passes first week of june safely in terms of road condition ? I mean with a local driver ofcourse. I understand that you can not predict the weather but passing through these Pin and Spiti valleys early june is usually sunny season or rather rainy/snowing please ?
    Also, which points along this way would you recommend me stop to spend the night please ?

    In fact, the main attraction that I wish to experience is driving between walls of snow at some point with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. I guess that I should include the detour to Rohtang pass to experience this ? While in Leh, I will cross Khardung La as well.

    If have to choose between the route through Spiti Valley and the route : Keylong - Baralacha pass - Sarchu - Gata Loops - Nakeela - Lachalung La - Taglang and finally Leh. Which one is better in terms of road conditions and sights please ?

    Thanks heaps to help me creating this tour.
  2. Vargis Khan

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    For 5-6 days, you can travel like this Eddy

    Shimla to Sarahan
    Sarahan to Chitkul
    Chitkul to Nako
    Nako to Mudh Village (Pin Valley)
    Mudh Village to Kaza
    Kaza to Keylong

    Passes - Kunzum may get delayed to open so will have to keep fingers crossed. You will actually get to see the snow walls at Kunzum Pass itself then, even better than Rohtang.

    Both routes, Spiti valley and Keylong to Leh are equally scenic. A comparison is tough in terms of sights but roads are definitely better between Keylong and Leh.

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