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  1. Ayan Villafuerte

    Ayan Villafuerte New Member

    Anyone heading to Kaza in the next few days? Info on Kaza is hard to come by. Seems like Manali-Kaza road is still close.
  2. Abhinav101

    Abhinav101 New Member

    Hi, I am planning a ride to Kaza starting 20th of April, from Gurgaon.

    Let me know if you would like to ride along.

    Even I was struggling for the information, below is the current road status and yes Kaza Manali will be closed. I can only reach through Shimla Nako Kaza and come back the same route

    Road Conditions
    1. Few patches after Jeori which are broken
    2. A water slushy around 10 kms before tapri ( This sends mud and slush post afternoon )
    3. Road broken in patches between Peo, Akpa, Spillow and Puh ( 20% of the entire distance )
    4. After Khab bridge the road to Nako is under constructions ( 5-7 kms of bad roads )
    5. After Sumdo, the road is rough in patches till Shichling ( 10-15% )
    6. Last 26 kms till Kaza would 40% rough and rest all OK

    No black ice anywhere, except after kaza
  3. Anshu

    Anshu New Member

    I m planing for spiti circuit bike trip. Starting from chandigarh on 1st of june.
    If interested kindly whatsapp me at 9803860053
  4. Abhishek Mishra

    Abhishek Mishra New Member

    Planning on going to spiti from Shimla leaving on 7th June. Will be carrying a pillion. We can ride together if you delay it by few days.
  5. Anshu

    Anshu New Member

    I m starting on 8th. But we already are 4 people. Adding you will make group bigger. More people means more delay and other things. Hope we meet in kaza.

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