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    We never had lunch here at Pangong Lake because the driver said it would be expensive. So we left for Leh and somewhere in between, there was a point of many mini dhabas and restros, so we had lunch there (Dhabhas are cheaper than restaurants). We crossed the Changla pass and there were few nomadic people houses along the way. I brought that Yak butter from them. They asked for Rs. 1000 per kg so I bought a little for Rs. 200.

    We reached back at our hotels in Leh at around 5.30 – 6 PM and rested for the entire evening. Next day, we had saved for some shopping. We brought Army T-shirt caps and a pant, some bags and accessories, so full day was spent in shopping only.

    Last day 9, we left for Leh airport early morning by 4.15 AM. It was a good thing that we told the hotel owners to arrange for us our airport cab. There was a little hassle to leave at 4 am because the hotel staff was still sleeping. At last their room boy got up, and helped us. The cab was waiting outside the hotel.

    The Leh airport opens for passengers at 5. We reached early and sat outside the airport. Even at that early hour there were many people waiting out there. And then we boarded our flight home thus marking an end to our trip to Leh Ladakh.
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    A few tips from my side for anyone visiting Ladakh:

    • If you are a family with children and also if you are on tight schedule, budget trip & sharing rarely works, because it becomes difficult to find a taxi & sharing persons in peak season.
    • The taxi stand & Leh bus stand is far about 10-15 mins walking, it might be hassle
    • But if you have ample days, you need to inquire & book sharing at least 1-2 advance with any agencies in Leh, they will put you in tempo travelers
    • I have also seen big families booking their own private tempo travelers. For small families, a cab is OK, we had got Innova just for 2 of us.
    • Our driver was telling us that sharing hardly works because conflict of interest takes place among the passengers; and the driver stops according to his main points. He will not stop for sightseeing wherever or whenever you wished him to.
    • For us, we had hired private, so the driver was in our control. I used to keep telling him to stop many places to click pictures and also for natures call. He was cool and this was actually the first thing that I told him about, that I will be asking him to stop often during the trip.
    • I have never seen private mini buses plying on these sight seeing routes, majority are these Leh Ladakh taxis & tempo travelers.
    • When it comes to hotel booking, it is advisable to book in advance through package or online portals if you are with a family. If you are in a small group of friends of girls & boys on bike, then it becomes easy to look for hotels and research around by your own after you reach Leh.
    • But as of now, expenses & tariffs are increased over the year and living expenses for lunch & dinner in Leh city is increased. eg tea is 15-20-25. Per day proper meal for 2 people will at least be around Rs. 1000 along with water bottles as water refilling points were closed in some places.
    • Diskit & Hunder, are remote places and hotels & guest houses are far away from each other. Same thing again, book in advance if you are with family. If you are in a small group of friends of girls & boys on bike, then it becomes easy to look for hotels and research around by your own. I was with my dad, so I wouldn’t have managed so much. Even the drivers also have contacts about hotels in Diskit, Hunder, Pangong lake. I don’t know about the prices, generally it won’t be less than 1500 per person.
    • Ok. Main thing is Srinagar to Leh. Below are a couple of contacts that you can rent a cab with. People going should contact them well in advance. They will definitely arrange cabs and drivers, but please don’t ditch them. They trust people calling & booking them. They have Leh registered taxis & they won’t be around TRC taxi stands in Srinagar. Noor Mohammed – 9419890787 – call him first, you can also take my name Jacob. Vidyat Ali– 9622406977. They also take sharing, but you have to inform them 2-3 days before, that you are looking for sharing cabs. You’ll get stuffed in the cab & they will have minimum halts all the way to Leh for around 2000-4000 approx per person.
    • For those going on bikes from Jammu to Srinagar to Leh, its advisable not to put Indian Flag when you are on the roads from Jammu to Srinagar to at least Baltal. We met some group of bikers from Mumbai who spoke well with us and told us that 1 guy was on his bullet had the Indian Flag tied on his bike. As he was crossing Dal lake and initial villages on that road, people there stopped him; threw stones at him and on his bike; and sent him back. He had to go back home because his bike was not in good condition. Even those villagers were looking at us as well in suspicion when we were passing by their houses
    • Last thing is please inform every bikers of Ladakh to ride slow and properly, I had witnessed 1 accident of a bullet & Jeep. It was a horrible accident. Bike’s front tyre and guard was totaling gone. It was a rented bike from Leh. They had to call up the pick up van to carry the bike to Leh for which Rs. 9000 was the charge. Those rental company owners told these people to go to any Enfield showroom and get the bike repaired by themselves. This Accident was on the way from Pangong to Leh. There were smaller accidents as well, of cars & bikes touching and scratching each other.
    • Many people depend on Maps, Maps will not show you proper timings of roads and passes. There were people going towards Pangong via Chang La Pass at 4 -5 in the evening. The probably would have not made it to the lake before nightfall.
    • Night Riding and driving is not advisable in Ladakh.
    • One day Pangong trip and back to Leh is possible. One day Nubra valley trip till Hunder and back to Leh however would become a hectic schedule.
    • Ladakh trip must be properly planned with the number of people in advance, if group of friends, then sharing of expenses becomes cheap and you as a group can hire 1 private taxi. There are solo travelers who book private taxi also and they are the only person in the cab.
    • I guess I only messed up at the permit part, I would have saved 300-400.
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    Which month did you travel in?

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