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    KMSANDEEP New Member

    Hi Everyone..

    I am planning for a trip to Leh in October. I will be flying from Hyderabad. I'm reaching Ladakh on 11th October and my return ticket is on 18th October.

    I tried applying for ILP online but was not able to Pay..Can I get the same from any agent after landing in Leh.

    Here's my Plan:

    11/10/18 - Reach Leh.

    12/10/18 - Travel to Nubra via Khardung La

    13/10/18-Reach back to Leh

    14/10/18- Leh to Pangong

    15/10/18 - Pangong - Leh

    16/10/18-Leh- Kargil

    17/10/18 Kargil-Leh

    18/10/18 Fly back -Morning flight

    I'm travelling Solo and this is my first trip to Leh. Kindly reply whether I can cover the mentioned places.

    Can I rent bike to do the planned itinerary??

    Is bus service available in October and to the mentioned places??

    Any tour planners/agents where I can plan my whole trip with Hotels, Bike etc.

    Thanks in advance,

    8885920041 / 8074357608.
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    1. Itinerary is definitely doable
    2. You can easily get ILP after landing in Leh
    3. Yes you can rent a bike
    4. Bus service will be available too and so will be the shared taxis but frequency won't be that great
    5. I don't recommend any agent. Just travel on your own, save money and have fun.
  3. jitenderpathania

    jitenderpathania Moderator Staff Member

    Itinerary seems Good. Just a suggestion plan a trip from Leh to Kargil but do not stay in Kargil. Instead visit Kargil and stay at Lamayaru on your way back to Leh. Very peaceful and scenic place. You can do Magnetic Hill, Gurudwara Patthar Saheb on your way back to Leh next Day
  4. jitenderpathania

    jitenderpathania Moderator Staff Member

    Also if you are planning renting a bike you dont have to come back from Nubra to Leh. You can spend a day extra in either Nubra or Pangong and take the direct route from Nubra to Pangong via Agham Shyok Road

    KMSANDEEP New Member

    Noted..Thank you..But will I be able to rent bikes directly..Avaialability issue??

    KMSANDEEP New Member

    Yeah..Will plan accordingly..Thank you

    KMSANDEEP New Member

    So..If planning by Bike..I will have a day surplus right? Any info on current road conditions whether they are open or not??
  8. jitenderpathania

    jitenderpathania Moderator Staff Member

    The road is open as for now. But always good to check with the locals about the latest road conditions.

    Yes there will be a day surplus if you travel from Nubra to Pangong via Agham Shyak road
  9. jitenderpathania

    jitenderpathania Moderator Staff Member

    Renting a bike should not be a problem

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