Ladakh trip in August 2018

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by azeez, May 14, 2018.

  1. azeez

    azeez New Member

    Hi All,

    I am planning solo tirp to ladakh in august..
    Anybody willing to join are most welcome..

    My interest is mainly on nature and photography and willing to cover all major attractions and some off beat route in ladakh.

    feel free to contact me on 9962033608
  2. Meticulous Madrasi

    Meticulous Madrasi New Member

    Dear Azeez,
    Pl read vargis khan writeup on when to go ladakh monthwise and read the aug part. also read how to tackle acute mountain sickness article by vargis bhai. though ladakh lies in rain shadow region, the approach routes via srinagar or via manali would be under heavy rain i suppose and hence roadblocks. pl google and use for the weather predictions for aug for ladakh, and srinagar route and manali route. As of now, accuweather posted weather predictions for ladakh till aug 20th. dont forget the unexpected cloudburst in aug 2010 at ladakh too, though it was a rare occurence. im not here to terrify you but to guide you properly to take precautions ( gauging weather at ladakh itself tricky one ) before embarking on your first solo. best wishes happy and safe journey cheers # Meticulous Madrasi.
  3. azeez

    azeez New Member

    Thank you madrasi... I am flying to and fro. By teh way I am madrasi too..:)

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