Laddakh trip from 20th september

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  1. Ashish Varshney

    Ashish Varshney New Member

    Planning an 8 day road trip from Srinagar, 20th September onward, the itinerary will be as follows:
    Day 1 : Srinagar to Kargil
    Day 2 : Kargil to Leh ( visit Lamayuru, Uleytokpo, and Alchi enroute)
    Day 3 : Leh (Local)
    Day 4 : Leh to Panamik
    Day 5 : Panamik to Diskit
    Day 6 : Diskit to Pangong Lake
    Day 7 : Pangong Lake to Leh
    Day 8 : Leh to Delhi

    1. Is the itinerary OK?
    2. Is the timing of trip OK?
    3. With a 7 y o son, will it be OK to take a night stay at Pangong?
    4. Where to stay at Pangong? Are there any better options than Spangmik?

  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Spangmik is the best place to stay there.
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  3. merrin

    merrin New Member

    Hei Ashish,

    We (2 ladies) are planning to go to Ladakh around Mid September via Srinagar. Still planning. Wondering if you are looking for extra company
  4. merrin

    merrin New Member


    Our plan is to arrive Srinagar around the 13th September

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