Lahaul & Spiti Valley Road Status 2019

Discussion in 'Road Status / Maps' started by Vargis Khan, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Bhai ek trip log toh banta hai ..... Need to read more about your journey
  2. Shutopa

    Shutopa New Member

    Hello!! I'm planning on going to chandratal lake through Manali-rohtang pass-kunzum pass-chandratal lake route starting from october 13. Will be reaching chandratal on 17/18 october. Can you inform me if camping will be still open till then? What will be the road condition in rohtang pass any idea ??
  3. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    No, it will be all closed by then
  4. Dmitry

    Dmitry New Member

    Hello everyone! Solo foreign backpacker from Russia gonna complete Spiti circut between 6th-13th October, 2019 via Chandigarh and Reckong peo (I know, its freezing of course, but I'm kinda used to freezing in my own country & there will be heaps of woolens in a backpack ;) There are couple of questions... Will it have been possible to reach manali via rothang & kunzum from Kaza until 11th October? Any suggestion about closure at this time? Will avaliable a regular bus service from kaza to manali as well? Thanks for reply! Appreciate your tips and suggestions!
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  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Dmitry, Welcome to India my friend. Yes the Manali Kaza route will be open. If not a Bus, then you will easily find a shared cab from the bus stand itself.
  6. arif sha

    arif sha New Member

    Hello travellers,
    My friend and me planning to do spiti strip on sept 29th.
    Mode of travel-Enfield

    We have six days from Chandigarh.

    Current plan
    sep 30-Chandigarh to Chitkul
    oct 1 -Chitkul to Nako
    oct 2-Nako to Kaza
    oct 3-Kaza local sightseeing
    oct 4-Kaza to Manali
    oct 5-Manali to Chandigarh

    (1)Is it okey during this time?

    Thanks in advance.
  7. Sunrit Kumar Polley

    Sunrit Kumar Polley New Member

    Hello Vargis bhai and all other fellow travelers !!

    First, I commend and appreciate this incredible forum for helping travelers around the world with comprehensive information at fingertips regarding Ladakh and Lhaul-Spiti. It has helped me immensely over the years.

    Me along with three of my best pals would be hitting the road on our first self drive to the mountains starting out from Kolkata on 9th Oct. The itinerary tentatively is as follows :

    09th Oct: Hit the road with first light. The target is Prayagraj, however we may break at Varanasi if that is not feasible.
    10th Oct: Prayagraj to Panchkula. Aternatively, Varanasi to Sonepat.
    11th Oct: Panchkula to Sangla/Chitkul. Alternatively, Sonepat to Rampur/Jeori.
    12th Oct: Chitkul to Kalpa. Alternatively Rampur/Jeori to Sangla to Kalpa.
    13th Oct: Kalpa to Mudh. Will it be a long shot? Alternatively, Kalpa to Dhankar. Enroute planning to visit Dhankar Monastery.
    14th Oct: Mudh-Demul (Optional)-Hikkim-Langza-Kaza. Aternatively, Dhankar-Demul-Hikkim-Langza-Kaza.
    15th Oct: Kaza-Key-Kibber-Chicham-Losar.
    16th Oct: Losar-Kunzum-Chandratal (If all the camps pack up, where to stay? Tensed about this. Is it possible to start early from Losar, visit Chandratal and return to Batal?)
    17th Oct: Chandratal/Batal to Manali.
    18th Oct: Buffer day
    19th Oct: Manali to Delhi.
    20th Oct: Delhi to Varanasi
    21th Oct: Varanasi to Kolkata.

    We will be driving my Tata Nexon XM diesel. 3 of 4 are good drivers among us but all our expertise is limited to plains and moderate hills only. The vehicle has been driven only 3200 KMs.

    The Concerns:

    1. I am worried about the Batal-Gramphu stretch. What are the chances of it being open and us making it through even if it is?

    2. If Rohtang closes by then, we have to retrace back to Shimla. Will visiting Chandratal then become a stretch? I really don't want to miss Chandratal in a Spiti road trip.

    3. What is the present condition of the roads? What are the particular stretches I should be careful about?

    4. Since it will be our maiden trip to a terrain such as Spiti, what particular things should be kept in consideration?

    5. How do you think a Nexon will perform with 4 on board? Will there be a lack of torque? We re packing as light as possible.

    6. What about the climate in that time frame?

    Any other suggestion regarding the itinerary or anything else will be appreciated. Any other tips or tricks regarding the vehicle, drive, preparation will be very helpful. We cannot move the starting days any further up due to Durga Pujas back home.

    Best wishes and Regards,
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  8. Anusha H R

    Anusha H R New Member

    I am travelling to Manali on Oct 3rd and leaving to Kaza the next day (Oct 4th), is the road from Manali to Kaza open this weekend?
  9. Niladri Ghosh

    Niladri Ghosh New Member

    Any update on spiti road status? I am going to travel from shimla side, ending on manali during 06/10 to 13/10.
  10. Surendra Kongara

    Surendra Kongara New Member

    Hi Vargis, As suggested by you, we thought of a new itinerary for our trip. Now we are a group of 4 couples. So we booked 2 self drive cars. Please suggest if this itinerary is ok

    12th Oct - Delhi to Narkanda
    13th Oct - Narkanda to Kaza
    14th Oct - Day trip to Chandratal and back to Kaza
    15th Oct - Day trip to Kye, Kibber, Gette, Toshigong and back to Kaza. Also try to cover Komik, Hikkim & Langza if time permits
    16th Oct - Kaza to Manali
    17th Oct - Manali local sightseeing
    18th Oct - Manali to Kasol
    19th Oct - Kasol to Delhi

    Q1. Would Chandratal be open on 14th October
    Q2. Would Kunzhum Manali route possibly be open on 16th October
    Q3. On a whole, is the itinerary practical with current situation

    Thank you

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