Leh Ladakh Aug-Sept Itinerary Suggestion required

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Hitesh Rawal, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Hitesh Rawal

    Hitesh Rawal New Member

    Hi Mr. Khan,
    We are planning to visit Ladakh in our tentative itinerary are like this.

    DAY -1 28/08/2018 Ahmedabad Amritsar 1205 Kms

    DAY-2 29/08/2018 Amritsar Sonmarg 527 Kms

    DAY-3 30/08/2018 Sonmarg Zozi La 25
    Zozi La Drass 45
    Drass Kargil 50
    Kargil Sankhoo 38
    Sankhoo Panikher 24
    Panikhar Parakchik 24
    Parakchik Rangdum 34
    Rangdum Pensi La 35
    Pensi La Padum 75

    DAY-4 31/08/2018 Padum Kargil 280

    DAY-5 1/9/2018 Kargil Hamboting La 30
    Hamboting La Dha 42
    Dha Hanu 12
    Hanu Khalaste 50
    Khalaste Leh 130
    DAY-6 2/9/2018 Leh

    DAY-7 3/9/2018 Leh Khardung La 40
    Khardung La Khalsar 53
    Khalsar Diskit 23
    Diskit Hunder 10
    Hunder Turtuk 75
    Turtuk Diskit 85

    DAY-8 4/9/2018 Diskit Panamik 55
    Panamik SBC 62
    SBC Khalsar 110
    Khalsar Agham 25
    Agham Shyok 45
    Shyok Durbuk 16
    Durbuk Tangste 8
    Tangste Lukung 33
    Lukung Spangmik 14
    Spangmik Merak 20

    DAY-9 5/9/2018 Merak Chusul 21
    Chusul Tsaga La 37
    Tsaga La Loma 26
    Loma Hanle 50

    DAY-10 6/9/2018 Hanle Kyun Tso 47
    Kyun Tso Thit Zarbo La
    Thit Zarbo La Nidar
    Nidar Nyoma 48
    Nyoma Mahe 20
    Mahe Sumdo 20
    Sumdo Tso Kiagar
    Tso Kiagar Tso Moriri - Korzok 53

    DAY-11 7/9/2018 Korzok Sumdo 53
    Sumdo Debring 58
    Debring Pang 45
    Pang Lachung La
    Nakee La - Sarchu 57
    Sarchu Baralacha la 30
    Baralacha La Jispa 55

    DAY-12 8/9/2018 Jispa Keylong 25
    Keylong Rohtang Zot 65
    Rohtang Zot Manali 50

    DAY-13 9/9/2018 Manali New Delhi 553

    DAY-14 10/9/2018 New Delhi

    DAY-15 11/9/2018 New Delhi Ahmedabad 810

    Vehicle - Duster 4x4 , Planning to carry 50 Ltr of Diesel in Jerry can
    We are two friends and three young children age of 13,14,15
    Trying to get permission in advance for Kargil -Dha - Hanu route
    Is this doable? or overstretched?

    SANTOSH G New Member

    Day 1: It will take atleast 20-24 hours.
    Day 2: From Amritsar to Udhampur roads are good(4 lane). From Udhampur till you reach Jawahar Tunnel the road is in bad shape. From Srinagar it will take atleast 2 hours to reach Somnarg. It will be a long and tiring day for you.
    Day 3: Sonmarg to Padum may not be possible. Think of breaking the journey at Rangdum and next day to Padum.

    Rest of the days will also require long journey so be prepared for that also. Permit for Dah-Hannu can be arranged at Kargil DC office. As per my opinion it is overstretched for the three days mentioned above. Considering rain,landslides,delays due to temporary road blocks , plan the travel. Do take care of AMS. You may read blogs of Vargis bhai on AMS for more accurate information.

  3. Hitesh Rawal

    Hitesh Rawal New Member

    Thank you sir for valuable inputs..
  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Santosh Bhai

    Hitesh Bhai - As Santosh advised, your journey is way too rushed and I will strongly recommend that you add more days.
  5. Hitesh Rawal

    Hitesh Rawal New Member

    Thank you Vargisbhai.. either adding days or cutting places
  6. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Adding days would be better because in terms of cutting places, you would either have to give up Zanskar or the Chushul route.

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