Leh - Ladakh June 11-18 - Looking for travel buddies

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by anurag.p, May 7, 2019.

  1. anurag.p

    anurag.p New Member


    I have booked a solo trip to leh from June 11-18, 2019 and I am looking for travel buddies to share the bike rental or taxi cost. Infact, if you are interested, we can even rent 2 bikes and travel together.

    I am a 32 yr old Indian male currently living in Singapore. This will be my first solo adventure and while I am super excited about it, I have heard that its a smart choice to have a company in Ladakh especially when you are on the road.

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  2. Amartya Deshmukh

    Amartya Deshmukh New Member


    I'll be flying to Leh from Mumbai on 10th and will be there till 16th. I'll be travelling solo.

    I would like to accompany you. But I don't ride a bike. May be taxi would be better option.

  3. Vivek Didwania

    Vivek Didwania New Member

    Hey Anurag,

    I'm traveling with my wife and 14yr old son who doesn't know driving, I can accompany you as my dates are almost same, I have planned to start the trip from delhi on 10th and back to delhi by 19th.

    I'm excited to go for a bike trip but because we are a pack of 3, it was not looking good, but if you join us we can plan.
    Tell me your itinerary, or you can whatsapp me on 0091-97-94-161333.

    Vivek Didwania
  4. abhi27

    abhi27 New Member

    hey this is abhijeet and abhishek travelling from Leh in and around. We'll be on 2 bikes from June 09 till June 16. We can join you guys. Let me in on the details of your tour. We can travel together if things work out.
  5. Vivek Didwania

    Vivek Didwania New Member

    Thanks for the offer but due to some other work i have changed my trip and is now going to spiti from delhi and will return by 15th only.
  6. Devin

    Devin New Member

    Hello Anurag and others, I am interested in visiting Leh with some like minded travelers. I live in US but on vacation in India for 4 weeks and these dates suit me too. Pls let me know. Devin
  7. Tapas

    Tapas New Member

    Hello anurag... I want to join as I'm also a solo traveller... I want to do road trip on bike and want a companion... I will be able to join on 14 june... If possible call @7739229105
  8. Sumit vikram singh

    Sumit vikram singh New Member

    When are you planning the trip?
  9. Tapas

    Tapas New Member

    From manali on 15
  10. Tapas

    Tapas New Member

    Whatsapp @ +917739229105

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