Leh Ladakh on Scooter - An Adventurous Journey

Discussion in 'Travelogues' started by Mohideen Wafar, Sep 24, 2018.

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    Hi Jitender, It was in August. I am sorry I missed your query for long!
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    Dear Milind,

    Age is not an issue, you can do it. You have not mentioned what type of vehicle you are going to use. You should take care of two issues. The first is Manali-Leh route passes through 400 km of near-desolate landscape. Secondly, it passes through at least 5 passes of more than 4000 m height. So, you should take adequate provisions, especially petrol to last 400 km. Secondly, since the climb is rapid and the route is almost always at a height greater than 3000 m, the risk of mountain sickness exists. So, you should prepare psychologically and medically also. I have an experience of only one trip so far but I would suggest you travel with an escort, have adequate provisions and don't force the trip (no running against time). If this is your first trip, I would suggest the Jammu-Srinagar-Leh route, because it is more gradual in climbing and there are big towns on the way - in case of problems. And you need not carry too much of petrol, neither.

    The routs is very bad at Manali pass. After that, it is fairly good except at some places where there is a lot of erosion. There are no major rivulets that will block your travel. So, don't worry on that count.

    I am intending to do Umling La this year. It is yet only a dream! I intend to talk to Mr. Khan in detail before I plan such a trip.

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