Leh laddakh via srinagar

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by NIEL1083, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. NIEL1083

    NIEL1083 Member

    Hello... I'm from pune, maharashtra. I'm looking forward to travel to leh laddakh via srinagar on bike and back via manali . I'm planning in June first week. I'm travelling solo and looking for a travel buddy...
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  2. Aniket kumar

    Aniket kumar New Member

    Hey. This is aniket kumar. I am also finding a travel partner to leh via jammu kashmir in month of june.i m a solo rider.i want to join u. My mob-8709850081. Plz do contact me.and plan let plan our iternery.
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  3. NIEL1083

    NIEL1083 Member

    Hello Aniket.. It is nice to know that you are a solo rider and wish to join in the ride . But Aniket, now I have joined the group which is from my local place and hence I'm not looking for any ride partner further.
    Thanks for your interest. Have a great journey.
  4. Apoorva G

    Apoorva G New Member

    @NIEL1083 . May I know which group do you plan to join?

    @Aniket kumar I and another fried of mine will be riding to ladakh on the same route in the first week of June. Let me know if you wish to join us.
  5. Savant K

    Savant K New Member

    Hey @Apoorva G
    I'm planning on doing the same trip in June. I'm interested in joining you guys. Let me know :)
  6. Apoorva G

    Apoorva G New Member

    @Savant K
    Hey. You are welcome to join us. Our itinerary is almost final though..
    Drop in a message to me with your contact details on apoorvagholap@gmail.com and we can talk further. Ciao.
  7. ladds4u

    ladds4u Moderator Staff Member

    Hi All,
    I am from chandigarh also travelling to leh via Srinagar along with my one frnd in the month of June.
    travelling Plan for 9 days as of now. Itinerary almost done for me.
    June 8 is the date.
  8. Gaurav Kandpal

    Gaurav Kandpal New Member

    Hi Aniket i m a solo rider too planning to ride from Delhi to leh laddakh and near by valleys and lakes may be for 8-10 days. Still confused about bedt month to travel. As per research and going through various posts found July and September both are best times for bike trip. If u r interested we may discuss and finalize, my contact is 7042144486. Let me know from which city you will start the trip?
  9. Gaurav Kandpal

    Gaurav Kandpal New Member

    Hello i am riding solo from delhi? From where u will start the trip?
  10. naresh moun

    naresh moun New Member

    I’m also riding solo from Delhi on 11 jun.

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