Looking to join let solo travellers or groups from 13th September to 29th Sep

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by Neha Gupta, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    If you are planning to start travel on 12th I don’t think I will be able to join. I am landing in Leh on the 12th in the morning and will need at least one day to acclimatize
  2. GGarg

    GGarg New Member

    Actually, 1 out of 3 of us will land in Leh on 10th Sep. and 2 of us will reach on 11th Sep. I'll check from the person reaching on 10th and get back to you if we could shift our itinerary by 1 day.
  3. GGarg

    GGarg New Member

    Hi Bailey,
    We can shift our itinerary by 1 day. Please suggest your itinerary so that we can finalize the itinerary in case you are willing to join.
  4. Amit Dhawan

    Amit Dhawan New Member

    Hi Bailey.
    We are reaching Leh on 13th Sep. Leaving for Nubra Valley on 15th Sep from Leh. Our Accomodation in Nubra is booked so we can’t change that. Earlier we were planning to go to Pangong on 16th From Nubra(Hunder), But I got the information that camps are getting closed near Pangong. So now we will decide after reaching Leh that whether we will go to Pangong on 16th Sep or 17th Sep. if we will go to Pangong on 17th Sep then we may visit Turtuk on 16th Sep else we will leave for Pangong on 16th Sep.
    Will you give more info whether you want to join us only for Hunder- Pangong or Leh-Nubra as well.
    Can you share your itinerary so that if there is any possibility to accommodate you, we can look forward to it. We have already booked 12 Seater Tempo Traveller so accommodating you will not be a problem.
    We can also mail me on amit.bt4@gmail.com.
  5. Karthik NN

    Karthik NN New Member

    Hi moyd. Can you please post your itinerary. I am landing in Delhi on September 15 and will be there at leh on 18th somehow. so we can probably meet together. Have you decided the where you are going to get your bike and the other stuff? Also where are you going from Srinagar to since there is no airport at Srinagar. I am looking for modes of transport and sharing yours would be helpful.

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