Manali-Leh highway and Zanksar

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Sanket, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Hi, I read that returning via Manali-leh highway means that the element of surprise will be a lot less! You'll have already seen the diverse landscapes, the challenge on the roads in the form of water streams and all; in Ladakh itself. It thus makes for a lot less engaging journey.
    Thus, if i am reavelling in early September(less changes of any blockage on the highway), should I plan both to-and-fro journeys through Manali-Leh highwya only? Will I miss on anything?
    This will also give me one additional day in Ladakh!

    Secondly, do you recommend adding Zanskar to my iterinary? What additional does it offer over Ladakh? Can I take a self-drive vehicle to Zanskar?

    Thirdly, I've my own private vehicle but that is in the name of my father's company. So I guess I'll have to park it in Leh and hire a Taxi for places like Pangong and Nubra, right? With this in place, do you think it's worth enough of going via road from Delhi all the way to Leh?

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    1. It is true. The element of surpise and challenge does come down a bit if you are returning via Manali. If you are traveling in September, why not go via Manali and come back via Srinagar?

    2. If you have time then yes do cover Zanskar as well. Nothing different to offer though, landscape is pretty much the same.

    3. If the car is in the name of your father's company then just carry documents that prove that the owner of the company is your father and thus the vehicle is not a rented one. That should be enough.

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