Manali to leh travel partners on 29th of September 2018

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    VINSHY SABAN New Member

    Me and my husband are planning to do a bike trip from Manali to leh starting on 29th of September. We would like to have some couple travel partmers or we are ready to join some other groups too.Please provide details.
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  2. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma New Member

    Hello Vinshy,
    I'm Gaurav Sharma from Chandigarh. What a co-incidence, i must say ! My wife, my kid and I too are planning for exact same dates. Our schedule is as below. You guys are most welcome to join. Below is a brief layout of our plan.

    Total people : 9 (6 adults - 2 female, 4 males, 3 kid boys)

    Trip date window : Start from Chandigarh on the evening of 28th Sep @ 6PM. Reach back Chandigarh on the evening of 7th Oct around 7PM.

    End to end route opted : Chandigarh to Manali to Leh to Nubra to Pangong to Hanle to Leh to Manali to Chandigarh :

    Mode of transport for reaching Leh and back to Chandigarh : 1 Zoomcar (Scorpio - Diesel) and 1 own Hyundai i20 Active (Petrol).

    Total seating capacity with luggage factored in : 11 ... so we have space for the two of you, though it won't be as luxurious in terms of stretching your legs straight up, but good enough for travel.

    Mode of travel for in and around Leh : 1 own Hyundai i20 Active and two Royal Enfield motorbikes.

    Schedule :
    1) 28th Sep b/w 6PM to 8PM : Start from Chandigarh , take 10 hours to reach Manali, on 29th Sep around 6 AM. Have some rest in Manali for 1-2 hours
    2) 29th Sep b/w 7AM to 8AM : Continue drive towards Jispa, to take around 7 hours and reach around 3PM. Night stay at Jispa (preferably swiss tent camps)
    3) 30th Sep 5AM : Leave from Jispa, to reach Leh around 8PM. Night stay in Leh
    4) 1st Oct : Local leh tourism on. Night stay in Leh
    5) 2nd Oct 6AM : Leh to Nubra via KhardungLa. Night stay in Nubra / Turtuk
    6) 3rd Oct 6AM : Nubra / Turtuk to Khalsar to Agham to Shyok to Tangtse to Pangong / Spangmik. Night stay in Pangong/Spangmik
    7) 4th Oct 6AM : Pangong / Spangmik to Hanle. Night stay at Hanle
    8) 5th Oct 6AM : Hanle to Leh. Night stay in Leh
    9) 6th Oct 5AM : Leh to Manali. 17 hours
    10) 7th Oct 5AM : Manali to Chandigarh. 10 hours

    Let us know if you wanna join in.
  3. Sujith rm

    Sujith rm New Member

    hey as far as i know road from manali to leh is closed.
    due to drop in temperature.
  4. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma New Member

    Hey Sujith, trust you're doing good.
    I'm more than sure that's incorrect information :) I have my friends who are residents of Manali, who have confirmed that this route is open. Also, we're tracking the Rohtang permit website , for daily passes issued and the numbers look promising, which is a sign that vehicles are being allowed to ply on this route. Further, we've called a few of the home stays and hotels in Keylong and they all have confirmed that they have bookings till mid Oct this year, and that tourists are plying on this highway all fine. They further confirmed that November 15 is the official date post which BRO and HP administration will not clear the road if it snows or in case of landslides. Prior to November 15, they will keep clearing the roads in case of snow and landslides alike. Sarchu is closed for sure. They operate max till 15th Sep.

    However, given that Sep end and Oct begin is like the cusp of end of summers and beginning of winters, it can sure snow if weather becomes inclement, but again like i mentioned that till November 15 BRO and HP guys will engage in clearing the roads for vehicles to ply.
  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    It is only the bus service that was suspended for the season. Road is still open for cabs and private vehicles.
  6. Sujith rm

    Sujith rm New Member

    Thank you so much for the information , i was not sure of the information i knew. Im planning my trip on sept 23, my mode of transportation will be buses ,so will the buses service be resumed ?
  7. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Nope, it has ended for the year now, will only resume next year. You will have to rely on shared cabs now.

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