Manali trip 3/05/2018

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  1. I planned for this trip 2 months before and as usual i too excited about rohtang.
    Please note : Im jus a tourist, not a traveller.
    I started searching the web and i stopped here at roadragas. Vargis bhai ,though a traveller he patiently replied to the tourists. Tourists will enquire mainly about snow in manali. I too enquired about snow and the only place left in summer with snow is rohtang near manali. When my trip date is coming close there is no sign of opening the rohtang pass, to all of our surprise rohtang experienced fresh snow in april. I thought we can see snow only at the mountain top and we cant go and play with fresh snow.
    Finally from may 2 tourists are allowed till marhi below rohtang. We got the permit for our cab online and avoided local manali cabs. We spent just 550rs for that, with less expectations we went to marhi on 03/05/2018.
    But what we see there was extremely different, its so true we cant guess nature.
    High hills of manali experienced fresh snow on 02/05/2018 and in the top of the hills in marhi valley there was plenty of snow.
    We reached the top (may be some 3 to 4 kms) with the help of locals there by horses. The place we reached from marhi was just below rohtang top.
    The horse trip was somewhat risky, but because of my kids to enjoy snow we reached the top and enjoyed a lot.
    To be frank we went to manali just for snow and we enjoyed there with too much of snow.
    Thanks to vargis bhai for his latest updates regarding permit and estimated opening dates thro his sources.

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