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  1. sonasharath

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    Could you please check if the below itinerary needs any changes. We are a couple and would be flying directly to Leh and plan to hire a cab. Also if you could suggest some budgeted hotel/camps.

    Day 1 Reach Leh by flight from Bengaluru
    Day 2 Leh local sightseeing -
    Day 3 Leh to Kargil. Overnight Stay in Kargil
    Day 4 Visit Hunderman Village and Overnight stay at Leh
    Day 5 Leh to Turtuk (Nubra Valley)
    Day 6 Turtuk to Panamik or Summur
    Day 7 Panamik to Pangong Tso via Shyok road
    Day 8 Pangong Tso to Leh. See Thiksey Monaestry, Shey Monaestry
    Day 9 Leh to Tso Moriri
    Day 10 Tso Moriri to Leh (Enroute Tso Kar)
    Day 11 Leh full day
    Day 12 Flight Back to Bengaluru
  2. Meenakshi

    Meenakshi New Member

    Dear Sonasharath,
    Happy and Best wishes for your safe journey. Enjoy Ladakh. It seems you had done your ground work well. it looks good in all aspects.

    Day 4 : Hunderman Village ? do you mean Dah Hanu Valley, Chiktan and Skurbuchan area from Batalik. In that case, Get your ILP for all interested areas on D1 or D2 itself or even before landing Leh ( can be done with your driver for few more bucks )

    D2: dont exert too much efforts on roaming / climbing during local sight seeing. eg : avoid climbing steps -- Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa. Do Shanti Stupa during late evening to have a glimpse of leh city from top and sunset. take enough rest to get acclimitized. Take Diamox tablets twice from Day ZERO ( from Bengaluru) itself.

    D3: consider this day as a Warm Up for Khardung La on D5, as you have to cross 2 high passes ( Fotu La - highest pass between kargil & leh ), and Namika La thus you can gauge your fitness before venturing into K La top.

    D5: little bit hectic journey. better to start early morning and Do either Diskit Gompa on D5 and Hunder Nubra camel safari on D6 or vice versa to have your SMART journey enjoyable.

    D11: if you are interested, you can take the Phey-Nimmoo Indus River Rafting --- Basic level - 2hrs. If you are REALLY INTERESTED to meet a REAL HERO, then you can visit to PHYANG village ( near Nimmoo ) for the ICE STUPAS --- Aug Meltdown ?? ( WATER CONSERVATION ) by Sonam Wangchuk Sir ( Rings a Bell - 3 Idiots ? )

    finally check weather updates / predictions for your travel period with to have an idea for your planned itinerary.
    Strive for Litter Free Ladakh, Preserve Water, Conserve Nature, Employment to Local Ladakhis and homestays instead of Pvt tour agencies and comfy hotels
    Best wishes
  3. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Meenakshi.

    Sonasharath - I will go with every suggestion that Meenakshi gave. She is absolutely right.
  4. Meenakshi

    Meenakshi New Member

    Thanks Vargis Bhai,
    All credit goes to YOU only. after reading ALL YOUR ARTICLES ( esply the complete guide on ladakh and their intertwined links to other related issues/topics was really an eye-opener for me to gather so much info which i can now use to help other fellow travellers ). i consider most of the REQUESTS / QUERIES are already ANSWERED TO somebody in some other head in our forum. if some efforts are put in by the requestee, then they themselves can find out the solution from the other head in our forum but ........ what to say on those spoonfed youngsters who are just concern about their own issues and do not look up for other possibilities and solutions which are already kept before them.. i guess these youngsters have to be taught the PURPOSE OF FORUM. i mean the general mentality of some selfish TOURISTS ( TRAVELLERS WILL NEVER DO THAT ). Reading gives you more knowledge and wealth of info but this next gen is fond of HEARING AND WATCHING ONLY which is INSTANT INFO so as ITS LONGEVITY. they are too busy to read and averse to spend time on reading. SORRY SONA, took your place to vent out my opinion. it is not intended for you. thanks again vargis bhai for all the updated info and blog maintenance to support fellow travellers in all as[ects.
  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    I completely agree with you Meenakshi ....
  6. sonasharath

    sonasharath New Member

    Hi Meenakshi,

    Thank you for the input, i have read all Vargis's blog and also researched on most of the places i want to visit. Its always good to read anything related to travel.

    I would definitely like to meet Sonam Wangchuk Sir, as i have read about his beautiful invention on the Ice Stupas and the water conservation that he has thought about not only for this generation but also for the future.

    I will make the changes which you have suggested.

    Thank you so much :)
  7. sonasharath

    sonasharath New Member

    Hi Vargis,

    Do you think, i should ask the hotel to book a taxi for us or should i just go to Leh and then check with Taxi Union there for my entire trip.

    My Husband and I thought, we will do Leh and Sham Valley and Kargil on hired Bike and the rest Nubra,Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri and Tso Kar via taxi. We want a private taxi. The rates which i have seen on the Taxi Union this year saves return for the above places a amount. I know i might sound stupid asking this, but is that per person rate or is it for the whole taxi ?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.
  8. Meenakshi

    Meenakshi New Member

    Hi Sona
    Usually, if you book hotels at leh, they will arrange their associated cabs for you to pick up & drop at airport which would be included (hidden cost) in the bill (sometimes it may be a free service --- but there is NOTHING FREE in this world --- hope you got the catch )
    Better is you can get in touch with ladakh cab drivers for both pickup--drops and for long dist travel too. yes, The union taxi rates are exorbitant but it is the price for their devoted service and skillful driving under harsh weather, dirt road conditions, no access to habitats and internet etc.., better you go to taxi stand, meet some drivers, tell your itinerary and get their phone no. ask them to come to your hotel or some market place to discuss and finalise the price. DONT FINALISE AT THE TAXI STAND ( no discounts will be given -- if some other drivers ask you on suspicion, you tell them that you are just enquiring the driver for road route, weather conditions on nubra, pgg tso, moriri etc as you are riding a bike etc -- spontaneously smart to tackle the it ?? ) usually, drivers will give 10 to 15% discount on the taxi union rates and hence it has been fixed high. the discounted rate would be the actual price with some bargain but One thing is, LADAKH DRIVERS USUALLY COLLECT THEIR MONEY ONLY AT THE END OF THE TRIP. they wont budge you for fuel, night stay, food etc., they will arrange on their own with their contacts. some good drivers will tell you to reach your HOME SAFELY and then transfer money online to them with a +ve feedback such a lovely souls are ladakhi people. Taxi rate is for ENTIRE CAB ONLY not per head. innova can hold 5 persons + driver so if the rate is 4000 then 800 per head. if no travel partners available for your trip on that day then you have to bear the whole cost. it is a SHARED cum EXCLUSIVE TRIPS totally depends upon availability of like minded travel partners, syncing with your dates and itinerary. you can look out for travel partners and itinerary section in our vargis bhais blog, maybe you can get some but unsure.
    for Nubra - most likely you will get travel partners on any given day but mostly for drop only --- for return or tag along with your plan of further travel is little bit touch and go
    for pangong tso -- touch and go --- moderate availability of travel partners
    for tso moriri --- remote chances of getting some Nubra--- Highest chance Pangong tso -- Mild chances tso moriri - remote chances.

    giving you one reasonable, jovial, dependable driver whapp no for you to coordinate and fix the price. you can quote my name ( sundar meenakshi chennai ) and i had just intimated him your name, that you are in need of good drivers help. This is a traveller helping forum and i am doing it voluntarily like our admin Vargis Bhai. so no commission / hidden charges from my side for the driver reference. just kidding. happy enjoy your stay at litter free ladakh. for bike rentals you can read vargis bhais blog post as i have no knowledge on that area. DRIVER: Rigzin Namgyal 96229 50842 Rigzin, sonam, Tashi are some common names so ask for full names. there are 2 more well known drivers in the same rigzin name. sometimes they wont reply for a week or 10 days means most likely they were out of network coverage area i had read good review feedbacks on some of those drivers so suggesting them to you for your comfortable journey but it all totally depends on price negotiation and GOOD RAPPORT.
    some more good drivers : you can quote my name ( sundar meenakshi chennai ) to them. because they are the one who had responded well to me on my price quote.
    Smanla --- 94690 49594 ( SMS Only -- Aged but experienced person -- imagine father like figure-- polite and humble -- drawback is no whapp and knows hindi only very little english -- Highly Recommended -- owns a tata Safari -- little bit costly but negotiable)
    Padma -- Wh app 94692 17808 -- another highly recommended driver - knows nooks and corner of ladakh - bit cheaper than others with good discounts - Scorpio
    Rigzin Stakna -- wh app -- 96229 51113 , 94193 49082 -- good driver
    Sonam Karma -- wh app -- 94192 15110 -- experienced driver sorry for giving you loads of work on a leisure sunday for driver coordinated work. best wishes
  9. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Sona - There is a huge tourist rush in Ladakh this year, taxis are rare so booking in advance will definitely help. You may contact the hotel or any of the drivers that Meenakshi suggested. The rates are not per person but for the whole taxi. So for example, they will charge abut 11-12k for a Nubra valley tour of 2 days. This will mean that the entire taxi is yours and if have a group of 5 people, you may split the cost among yourself.

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