Need Travel partner, 17th July to 30th July

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by Ashish Jain, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Ashish Jain

    Ashish Jain New Member

    I am doing a solo travel to Leh from Mumbai, i am looking for some one who could tag along
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  2. Ganapathy V

    Ganapathy V New Member

    What are your travel plans? I am planning a trip to Leh between 17th to 31st july - any date in between. If you are interested, please share your itinerary so that I can confirm my readiness.
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  3. Kendrick Dsouza

    Kendrick Dsouza New Member

    Hi Ashish,
    Would be great if you could share your basic travel itinerary. also Ganapathy could you share your itinerary . I'm also planning a biking trip from tell with 3 friends around 25 to 31st. Ive have listed my travel itinerary on the forum too. You'll can email me on too.
  4. Dr. Ashok Koparday

    Dr. Ashok Koparday New Member

    Hi Ashish,
    I am planning a trip from July 18, 2018 to August 01, 2018.

    Mumbai to Manali by rail and road.
    Manali to Leh. Return from Leh to Mumbai by flight.

    I will prefer to join someone who is going by cab from Mumbai and back to Mumbai.
    Else I am keen to share a cab.

    Dr. Ashok Koparday

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