Nubra to Pangong via Agham and Shyok

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  1. Arindam Chatterjee

    Arindam Chatterjee New Member

    Dear Mr. Khan:

    Your information is very good and helped me plan our family trip recently (May 21-28, 2019) to Ladakh. I would like to highlight 2 points, which may be useful for other travellers.

    1] We were supposed to return to Leh from Hunder via Khardungla and theen visit Pangong on the next day by crossing Changla. Our Driver (who was a local of Nubra valley) suggested us to take the direct route from Nubra to Pangong via Khalsar- Agham, Shayok, Durbuk to reach Pangong. We started from Hunder at 6:15 AM and reached Pangong at 11:15 AM by the same route. A part of the route is marked as Red and dangerous in your map (Agham to Shayok), however we found the road to be very good. 90% of the road is smooth, there are no high passes on the route and the entire road runs next to Shayok river. The road is nearly flat with little ups and downs. The scenic beauty along the route was excellent and there was no discomfort due to high altitude. We returned to Leh on the same evening after spending few hours near Pangong (Lukung end) and crossed Changla pass only once while returning. By taking this route we avoided crossing Khardungla and Changla twice, which are high altitude passes and more hazardous. We also saved a day as we returned to Leh on the same evening. I checked with our travel agent who told me that they do not offer this route in their plan as the same is not "official" route and in case people get stranded due to road closure, BRO will not come immediately to clear up the same. We found , many other groups followed our path around the same time and returned to Leh safely on the same day. Travel agents too save lot of money by "offering" this route after reaching Nubra (they do not offer as aplan earlier) as they can avoid travel back to Leh via Khardungla and one travel to Pangong via Changla on the next day (they do not return any money for thes ame). I feel, other travellers can use this information to negotiate better with travel agents and have a better travel experience.

    2] BSNL postpaid works in most of places at Ladakh except the high passes. Airtel postpaid works only within and around Leh (20 km radius). Vodanone and Jio do not work anywhere in Ladakh. I had a vodafone postpaid number , which was of no use throughout the travel. No prepaid number works in Ladakh.
  2. Vargis Khan

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    Thank you so much Arindam Bhai for sharing these details. Can you please also share a few pictures if possible?
  3. Arindam Chatterjee

    Arindam Chatterjee New Member

    I am sharing a few snaps taken in the Khalsar-Agham-Shayok-Durbuk route on 25th May 2019. I am not uploading photos taken at Pangong.

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    Thank you Mr arindam. Your information is really beneficial to plan our trip in first week of July as we also want to save a day but had apprehensions if the above route is possible to cover in a day.
  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Arindam Bhai. Posting these on the blog now.

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