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    Quite often I receive emails from people asking about the must see places in Spiti and along the route. While primary attraction of Spiti remains to be its natural beauty, below is a list of some other major tourist attractions on Spiti Circuit and places of interest that I recommend everyone to pay a visit to.

    Shimla : This is where you will be starting your journey from. There are several places in Shimla that are worth a visit. If you are staying in Shimla for a couple of days, some of the places you can see are The Mall [main shopping street of Shimla], Christ Church, Jakhu Hill, Shimla State Museum, Indian Institute of Advanced Study [built in 1884-88] and Sankat Mochan.

    Kufri : If you are staying in Kufri you can visit Kufri Zoo, Mahasu Peak, Indira Tourist Park and Chini Bunglow.

    Narkanda : Next major town on the route is Narkanda. A slight detour of about 12 kms will take you to the top of Hatu Peak which offers a magnificent view of the entire valley around. Built on top of the Hatu Peak is Hatu Temple which is quite beautiful. Road to Hatu peak is drivable for all 2 and 4 wheelers.

    Rampur: There really isnt much to see here however you can definitely find a good and reasonable priced hotel in Rampur. There are some old Hindu and Buddhist shrines including Ragunath Temple, Ayodhya Temple, Narsingh Temple and Dumgir Budh Temple located in Rampur If you want to visit.

    Jeori : Nothing worth mentioning here except that this is where you take the bifurcation towards Sarahan.

    Sarahan : A beautiful town and definitely worth staying over for a night. Places of interest include the famous Bhimakali Temple [must see this] and a Bird sanctuary which houses the State bird Monal. It however remains closed from April until late July due to Bird mating season.

    Karchham : Nothing here except for the famous dam which actually is on the way so you will see it anyways whether you want to or not.

    Sangla: Another beautiful town however I strongly recommend that you continue to Chitkul rather than staying in Sangla for the night. There is a temple here, dedicated to Nages god but you can skip that.

    Chitkul: One of my favorite hill stations. The beauty of this place cannot be described in words and no matter what I write here, I cannot do justice to the majestic view that Chitkul offers. The only and only thing to see here is the natural beauty. Even the drive to Chitkul is awe-inspiring. Situated on the banks of Baspa river, Chitkul is the last and highest village in Baspa Valley. There are also 3 temples of local goddess Mathi said to have been built over 500 years ago. Just take a stroll and you will remember for the rest of your life.

    Reckong Peo: Nothing worth mentioning in Reckong Peo. This is where you take the bifurcation goes towards Kalpa.

    Kalpa: Offers awesome view of Kinner Kailash and the sunrise is definitely worth getting out of your bed early.

    Puh: Nothing worth a visit here.

    Nako : Highest village in Hangrang valley and a good place to break the journey for night. There is a lake here named after the village [Nako lake] but don’t keep high expectations. It only looks good in photos. You can trek to nearby hill tops for an awesome view of sorrounding valley.

    Sumdo : Nothing here.

    Giu Village : A 500 year old mummy is located here.

    Hoorling: Nothing here.

    Tabo: Tabo Monastery is worth a visit. It’s quite old and said to have its origin in the tenth century.

    Dhankar : Another very old monastery is located here. If you are staying here for the night, you can trek to Dhankar Lake.

    Kaza: Largest town in Spiti and also the headquarters. Places of interest include the famous Key monastery and the surrounding villages of Kibber and Kaumik, famous for the fossils found there.

    Losar: Nothing here.

    Kunzum Pass: A high altitude pass which is actually even higher than the mighty Rohtang Pass.

    Chandra-Taal: I dont think I really need to write anything about this beautiful and gem of a lake. Very small but this entire area is mesmerizing enough to take your breath away. Highly recommended to stay here for the night. Accommodations are available in form of tents. You can contact Mr. Jamaica @ 09418200183 or 08802105459 who runs a very reasonably priced camping site at Chandrataal.

    Batal: Nothing here.

    Rohtang Pass: Another high altitude pass on the journey.

    Manali: And finally you will end your journey at Manali, another popular hill-station in Himachal.

    Remember, it is not the destination but the journey that you will enjoy in your Spiti trip.
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    Hi Vargis,

    Reached your blog luckily on a friend's suggestion and have been reading your travelogues non stop for few hours now. However I am stuck at your Spiti trip and the Chitkul, Chandratal lake descriptions

    I am planning a trip with my wife and my sister's family. We will be starting from New Delhi by July 17th (or July 16th night). And planning to use public transport for most part of the journey. The Shimla-Manali route sounds interesting to us, but we have only 4 days in hand (Have to return to Delhi by July 21st.. Is that route viable in such a short span and our mode of transport??.. if then, can u give me an itenary??.. and also, is the roads and the climate good for a trip considering the fact that we have women in our group..

    Hope you will respond to this..

    Thank you
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    Hi... Anything on this?
  4. Vargis Khan

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    Hello Vaisakh - Sorry about the delayed response. 4 days are really a very short timeline to cover Spiti, especially by public transport. Chandratal you cannot cover since there is no bus going that way, with family hitchhiking or trekking is not really an option. I would rather recommend that you plan a trip towards Lahaul valley. Reach Keylong from Manali on Day 1, stay there, rent a taxi at Keylong on Day 2 and take a drive around towards Baralacha La, On 3rd day return to Manali, and to Delhi on Day 4.

    For Spiti, you can do Manali to Kaza on day 1, then rent a cab at Kaza and do Kaza to Chandratal and back to Kaza on Day 2, Day 3 return to Manali and Delhi on Day 4.
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    Hi Vargis,
    I'm planning a 13 days trip in the Spity Valley with my husband, starting in Chandigarh . We need a car with a a good driver , we'll bok the hotels by ourselves b. Could you suggest me something?
  6. vikassomani

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    I am visiting chandigarh shimla kalpa spiti....manali in 8 days .
    I have my 2.5 year old baby with me.
    His hemoglobin level is 11 according to today.
    Kindly suggest for the same.
  7. vikassomani

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    Can we carry a small lpg cylinder with us to enjoy tea and milk at any place on the way....
    Is there any availability of portable oxygen cylinder around kaza or shimla for the safer side.
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    Hello Ornella - Are you asking me to suggest in terms of renting a taxi that you can rent? Or something else?
  9. Vargis Khan

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    Hi Vikas - I am sorry but that is really a quesstion for a pediatrician. I will recommend consulting a doctor about whether or not it is safe to bring your baby for the trip
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    There are plenty of shops you can get tea from on the way. I will recommend that you carry a couple of flasks instead to avoid the hassle.

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