Planned a trip for Spiti valley in 1st week of November 2018

Discussion in 'Travel Guides' started by SumitPaul, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. SumitPaul

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    Hi Vargis,

    I have a planned trip for Lahaul and Spiti valley from 01-N0v-18 to 08-Nov-18. What is the probability to have a good open road condition to enter from Shimla and exit via Manali. We do not have plan to visit Keylong because hopefully that should be closed bu that time. But my concern is with the other portion of the route, and how much will be the real feel factor of the climate in Spiti valley? There will be someone in my family who have never been to a mountain having 9000 ft. and above altitude. As they will be first timer at that height, will it be a problem for them from health point of view. However there are someother members in my family who have been to an altitude of 18000 ft. and -10 degrees.
    Hence request your practical suggestion on this - road, logistics, health, lodging and fooding.

    With best regards,
  2. Vargis Khan

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    1. Manali to Kaza will definitely be closed by then so you will have to come back to Shimla only.
    2. Climate will be very cold by then
    3. If you are going from Shimla, it should be OK for the first timers as well

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