Rafting In Rishikesh

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    Day 1 - Delhi To Rishikesh

    It was around 11 am when me and 2 of my friends, Sachin and Deepanshu, along with our driver were standing in small town of Muzaffar Nagar. We were here for some work and were about to start driving back to Delhi. It was the month of July and summer was at its best. I suggested that we go to Rishikesh rather than heading back to Delhi and beat the heat for a couple of days. I had been to Rishikesh several times for rafting and since it was a Saturday and none of us had to go to work that day and the day after, Both Sachin and Deepanshu agreed and soon we were on our way towards Rishikesh.

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    Rishikesh is hardly 120 kms from Muzaffar Nagar and within 2 hrs, we reached there. After leaving our car in the parking, we started walking through the busy streets of Rishikesh looking for a hotel.

    After walking for about an hour, we crossed Lakshaman Jhula and found a hotel that was exactly what we were looking for. A hotel way out of crowded and noisy Rishikesh with a perfect view of River Ganges.

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    After checking in, we decided to go trekking on a nearby hill

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    By the time we got back, we were all very tired. While Sachin, Deepanshu and our dirver sat down to chit chat, I crashed on the bed and was soon sound asleep.

    rishikesh 9.jpg
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    You look nice with long hair .... suits you
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    Thank you :)
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    No bikini - lol
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    Great pics
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    Day 2 - Rishikesh To Delhi

    I got up early next morning and decided to take bath at a nearby waterfall. Deepanshu agreed but no matter how hard we tried Sachin didn't leave the bed. So the two of us started walking towards the waterfall and very soon were sitting taking a dip in the naturally refreshing water. Once back at the hotel, we decided to go rafting and spoke to the hotel owner about it who said that he can get us the booking done. After he confirmed that the rafting guy will come to the hotel to pick us up, we started packing our bags. Within an hour, we were sitting in a jeep heading towards Shivpuri. After a drive of about half an hour, we reached Shivpuri and it was time to go rafting.

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    We got down at Ram Jhula where our car was parked and the driver was waiting. After getting out of wet clothes and a cup of hot tea, we were driving on our way back to Delhi.
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    Thanks everyone for reading

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