Return to Spiti : Experiencing the Magic Once Again

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    Fun fact. When we reached Kaza. I learnt that Sunny Deol's son Karan Deol was shooting in Spiti valley for his debut movie. He was shooting at Kibber to be precise. A few people in Kaza even told me about his shooting location but when we crossed Kibber, there was nothing there. I did not see any shooting going on or anything.

    While we were driving from Gramphoo to Batal however, that is when we ran into him. We more or less drove together for the entire 60 kilometers. See the ISuzu in front of my Thar in the picture below? That was Karan Deol's and he was traveling in it. Too bad he never stepped even for once really, I just saw him a few times sitting in there as his car passed us by or when I overtook their cars.

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    A shot of my Thar from distance.

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    We arrived at Gramphoo and from there started to climb up Rohtang Pass. As expected, the moment we reached the top, we were stuck in a traffic jam and huge tourist rush. From Chandratal to Rohtang Top, it took us about 4 hours and from Rohtang Top to Manali, it took us 5 hours. I will post a few pictures to tell the story better. By the time we finally reached Manali, it was already staring to get dark and I was annoyed beyond describing.





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    Jamaica had made arrangements for my stay at a hotel in Manali but as it turned out, that hotel was about 17 kilometers outside the main Manali town. My friend on the other hand wanted to stay somewhere close to Mall road so we decided to check out a few hotels and decided on staying at Hotel Chichoga Holiday Inn near Beas Bridge. It was a good hotel and they charged us Rs. 2000 per room per day.

    After checking in and freshening up, we called Khusboo to find out where she was. Turned out that she too was staying at a hotel nearby. She came to our hotel and together we all went out for a walk at Mall road; something that I regretted considering how crowded Mall road was.





    We had dinner at Mall road itself and arrived at our hotel by late night. My friend retired to her room and went to sleep immediately. I however watched TV for a little while and went to sleep at around 2 in the night.
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    The only reason why we chose to stay in Manali for a day was to just relax. The trip to be honest went a little too quick as we moved from one town to another. We drove on every single day of the journey and did not stay or relaxed at any of the places en route. Were we tired? I guess yes we were but more than that, it was the realization of the fact that our trip had now come to an end. We were at the last day of an exciting journey and from here on, it was just a drive home. So more than to rest, the idea was to prolong the vacation by a day more.

    I have been to Manali numerous times; but it was always either going to Ladakh or Spiti; or while returning from there. Manali has never really appealed to me as a tourist attraction in itself because it is a bit too crowded for my taste. It is the only place that I have encountered traffic jams even at middle of the night. Even in cities like Delhi, the traffic is all gone by 12 midnight; but in Manali, in tourist season, there is a high chance that you may encounter traffic in dead of the night. This is how crowded it gets.

    A Long Drive

    So when my friend suggested that we should stay here for a day, I was not really too excited about it but still agreed. Our entire day here was spent doing nothing. I thought to step out of the hotel and visit some local attractions here but then gave up on the idea. The day came and went and all that I did was to watch TV and order food. And that was our Day 9 of the trip.

    On Day 10, we were scheduled to drive home to Delhi which I knew was going to be one hell of a long drive. So we started from Manali by first light of the day. Not really much to write about here because I more or less drove non-stop with a few short breaks in between.

    And hence ended another of my trip to Spiti Valley, a place that almost seems magical to me. As I reached home that night, the only thought in my mind was of things that I will do on my next trip to Spiti.
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    Thank you everyone for reading !!!
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    Dear Vargis,

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful & detailed description.

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    Thanks Saptarshi Bhai !!!
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    Looks like I have missed this story some how :rolleyes:

    Will read and comment
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    Do let me know how you like it Bhai !!!

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