Riding Through The Clouds : Dhanaulti

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    Day 1 - Delhi To Kanatal

    It was the month of July and Monsoon was at its best. I don't know what made us think that we could ride up to Gangotri from Delhi and come back in 2 days but somehow we thought that we could and with that in our minds we started our ride from Delhi on a saturday morning at 6 am.

    This was going to be my first motorcycle trip after a gap of several years and joining me for the ride was a close friend Lavish Sagar Trikha.

    Within an hour of riding on NH24 we have crossed Ghaziabad and took NH58 from here, riding towards Muradnagar. UP roads can be counted in one of the worst roads in the country and NH 58 is no exception. So instead of riding on the highway, right after Muradnagar, we took a turn on a small road right next to the Upper Ganga Canal. This road was laid mainly for the pilgrims going to Haridwar every year on foot but is wide enough for a car. Traffic on this road is almost next to none so it was good for us as we had very little time in hand. It us a 160 kms straight stretch to Haridwar from Muradnagar with upper Ganga Canal flowing right next to the road.

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    By 9 am we have crossed Khatauli and continued our ride towards Roorkee.


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    It started to rain when we were about to reach Haridwar. We took shelter under a tree and after standing there for a while, we realized that there was escaping the rain. After putting our cellphones, camera and wallets in a polybag we started the ride and pretty soon were completely drenched. Rain stopped by the time we reached Haridwar.

    Here a shop owner suggested that instead of riding straight to Rishikesh from Haridwar, we should take a different route that and goes to Rishikesh through Rajaji National Park. We agreed and turned towards the road he suggested. After riding for about an hour, we both knew that we made a mistake and just wasted our time.

    Because of Monsoon, we came across 2 rivers that were running untamed right on the road and in order to continue our journey, we had to cross the rivers and get to the other side. Lavish went on the bike while I crossed the rivers on foot.

    By noon, we were in Rishikesh and from here the ascent towards Gangotri starts. As compared to the roads in other hilly regions of the country, roads in Uttranchal are always in a poor condition which makes the ride even more difficult.

    Rain arrived again as soon we crossed Rishikesh and after that there was no stopping it. We had no option but to keep going with rain falling down straight on our faces. We haven?t slept the night before and by now have started to feel tired and realized that reaching Gangotri the same day was going to be an impossible task. We decided to go as far as we could and then continue our journey tomorrow. Because of Monosoon, hills around us were all lush green and a treat for our eyes. We couldn?t help stopping every now and then and click a few pictures. We reached Chamba at around 4 PM.



    A few days ago a friend of mine has told me about a place called Kanatal saying that I must visit it once if I want to enjoy natural beauty So once at Chamba, I was confused whether to keep going towards Gangotri or to turn around towards Kanatal. I decided to stick to the original plan and took the turn that goes towards Uttarkashi and then Gangotri.

    We have been facing the rain continuously for last 4 hours and as a result, both were completely stressed out and feeling cold. Lavish was driving the bike and after Chamba, the way he turned the bike on a steep turn, I immediately realized that he was tired and probably dozing off. This is when I gave up the idea to go to Gangotri. I asked Lavish to stop the bike, took control of the handle myself and backtracked a few kilometers to Chamba. From here, we turned towards Kanatal.

    At around 6pm, we reached Kanatal and it was still raining. We stepped in the first hotel that we saw and almost fainted when the manager told me that their charge for one night was Rs 7500. I almost shouted "Dude, I am not asking you to rent me the entire Taj Mahal, just one room for one night in your stupid hotel."

    We were so tired that we needed a room ASAP to crash on the bed but the only other hotel in Kanatal was closed. We stoppd at a Tea Shop to warm ourselves up and here, a guy offered us shelter for one night in a cottage for Rs 100. We took the deal immediately and pretty soon were inside the cottage, cuddled up in Blankets.

    I slept for a couple of hours and then got up to have dinner. Lavish was so tired that he refused to get up to eat even though we haven't eaten anything all day.
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    Last 2 captures are great
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    So many Dhaulti travelogues?
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    True ... Been there numerous times
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    Coming up ....
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    Actually it is like my second home ....

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