Riding to Ladakh with a pillion this July - Apprehensions

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Danish Ansari, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Hello Vargis,

    I am starting for Ladakh on 1st July, with a Pillion, on my Royal Enfield Desertstorm(500cc classic). This is going to be my second time to Leh on motorcycle, however last time my motorcycle broke down and I somehow managed to reach only Leh and couldn't ride further - had to get the motorcycle back to Delhi in a truck. It was my old Avenger 220 with already around 38000kms done, when I took it to Leh.

    The Desertstorm however has clocked only 18000kms and is in great condition. But since I have been bitten before once, I am skeptical about
    the ride this time. Not that I have a choice now, but do you think it is okay to take a pillion along?

    The itinerary that I intend to follow is this:
    Day 1 Delhi - Jammu/Patnitop 580 km / 650 km

    Day 2 Jammu/Patnitop - Srinagar 292 km/ 200 km

    Day 3 Srinagar - Zojila - Drass - Kargil 210 km

    Day 4 Kargil - Lamayuru - Leh 235 km

    Day 5 Leh permits and local sightseeing

    Day 6 Leh - Khardungla - Diskit 120km

    Day 7 Diskit - Hunder - Leh 137 km

    Day 8 Leh - Changla - Pangong Lake - Spangmik 170 km

    Day 9 Spangmik - Changla - Leh 170 km

    Day 10 Leh - Chumathang - Hanle 254 km

    Day 11 Hanle - Chumathang - Sumdo - Tso Moriri 160 km

    Day 12 Tso Moriri - Chumathang - Leh 260 km

    Day 13 Leh - Pang - Sarchu 260 km

    Day 14 Sarchu - Baralachla - Keylong - Manali 230 km

    Day 15 Manali - Delhi 580

    I wanted to do a direct Pangong to Tso Moriri but I think it might be get too tough with a pillion. Is there any place in the above mentioned itinerary that I should skip or maybe take a different route?

    Also, where can I get the engine oil replaced? Engine oil tends to burn faster on longer rides. Do you have any idea how much I can run without an engine oil replacement if I start from Delhi? Also, how frequently do you think a top up of engine oil would be needed?

    Another problem for me is carrying extra fuel. I tried a lot but cannot get good quality cans for extra petrol. I did manage to get one but I suspect that it might burst open on bumps. On which stretches of the journey would I need to carry extra fuel and how many liters? I have heard that Petrol does get sold illegally in black at a lot of places, but more than the cost, in this case, I am worried about the fuel quality because the 500cc Classic is fuel injected and that is more of a headache than a performance enhancer. RE fuel injection pumps are notorious for blowing themselves up if the tank is filled with poor quality fuel.

    If you could please clarify my doubts, I would be really glad.

  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Danish, Your itinerary will actually be like this.

    1. Delhi to Patnitop
    2. Srinagar
    3. Kargil
    4. Leh
    5. Leh
    6. Diskit
    7. Leh
    8. Pangong (Spangmik)
    9. Hanle
    10. Tso Moriri
    11. Pang via Tso Kar
    12. Jispa
    13. Manali
    14. Delhi

    You can do Pangong to Moriri with a Pillion. Tough yes it is if you have been to Ladakh on a motorcycle before, you will be able to manage it easily.

    No need to keep topping up the engine oil. Get the bike well serviced in Delhi, reach Leh, get it checked, and that is all. I have never ever in any of my trips carried engine oil and I did fine. Just get it checked upon your arrival in Leh. I myself own an Electra by the way.

    Your only fuel problem will be from Pangong to Hanle to Moriri and then straight to Manali. Tank up at Leh before you leave and then get fuel again at Pangong. Right where the lake starts, there are a few chadar tents that sell petrol at about Rs. 110 per liter. Tank up the motorcycle again there. If you cannot find a jerry can, then get 2 liters Pepsi bottles, about 5 of them. Carry petrol in them. That is what I have done. Fill them up, securely screw them using a polythene cover under the cap, and put them with rest of your luggage, making sure they are not leaking. As you travel, keep taking them out one by one regularly and pour it in to the fuel tank.

    Read this post, this is my travelogue of the same route. Should be able guide you better.


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