Road status: Sach Pass and Manali-Leh Highway

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Sundeep Kumar, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Sundeep Kumar

    Sundeep Kumar New Member

    Dear Vargis,

    Hope you are doing well. I had earlier written to you about our trip to Sach Pass and Ladakh between Sep 29- Oct 12.

    This is about the current road status between Dalhousie to Udaipur via Bairagarh and Sach Pass, and also road status between Tandi to Leh. I have been reading a lot of news about roads being blocked in Himachal due to snowfall and rain. We will be crossing Sach Pass on Oct 2nd and we will be driving to Leh from Jispa on Oct 4th.

    Is it possible for you to help us find out the road conditions/status at these places around the time we will be going? Or is there any way for me to find out by myself?

    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Sundeep - It is snowing all across and Sach Pass is closed since Saturday. It may reopen in next couple of days depending on the weather though. Check back with me and I will let you know before you leave.
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  3. Sundeep Kumar

    Sundeep Kumar New Member

    Dear Vargis,

    Thank you so much for the update. I will write to you on 29th.


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