road trip to punjab and himachal from delhi

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  1. dushyant

    dushyant New Member

    hi vargis
    this is dushyant i am from mumbai i am planning a road trip with my family to himachal from delhi i have booked a self driven car from revv. my itinerary is as follows
    delhi to amritsar
    amritsar to khajjiar
    khajjiar to rewalsar
    rewalsar to manali
    manali to jibhi
    jibhi to narkanda
    narkanda to kuffri
    kufri to parwanoo
    parwanoo to delhi
    1) what is the tax to enter in himachal for self driven car
    2) can i take the self driven car to snow point if yes what permit do i need
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Dushyant,

    Your itinerary looks good. I am not sure about the tax because I have never really rented a car myself. But you are free to travel to all the mentioned places in a self-drive rental.
  3. dushyant

    dushyant New Member

    ok thank you

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