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    A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Sach Pass and updated me on the current road conditions of the area which I will share here for the sake of anyone who is planning to visit Sach Pass anytime in near future. Please note though that Sach Pass and the nearby areas are highly prone to landslides, rain plays havoc here and the melting snow can deter the road conditions even further anytime. This is merely an overview of how the conditions were in July second week of 2016. If you are planning a trip, caution is advised and if you are not someone who is out on motorcycle trips frequently, I would recommend that you do not travel alone as there is a high chance of getting stranded here. Road through out is a narrow one so that applies to the entire route. If you are planning to visit in a four wheeler, please be careful while you are crossing another vehicle which can also be an entire bus coming from other direction on a road which is barely enough for one car.

    • Dalhousie to Bairagarh – Mix of good and bad but mostly mood. There are several bad patches in between, you will come across patches where there is no tar at all but the road is mostly easy to ride or drive on.
    • Bairagarh to Satrundi – Road is just OK. It is a mix of good and bad with construction work at several places. You will not find tar here and mostly will travel on gravel road with water crossings in between.
    • Satrudi to Sach top – Again gravel road, no tar at all. Several water crossings creating lot of slush and it is a steep climb. Dirt road full of stones at some places.
    • Sach to Killar – Lose soil with lots of water crossings and rocks, no tarr, tight hairpin bends, lot of slush.
    Killar to Keylong – Mix of good, bad and OK. Several water crossings and slush in between.

    Couple of pics posted blow should also give you an idea of what I meant when I said narrow road. I hope this information was useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and ask.​
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  3. Vargis Khan

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    Sounds like a lot of fun bro :).
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    Sach Pass is definitely fun bro ...
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    Hi Vargis!

    I am Col Sumit Mallik....I intend doing the route from Udhampur to Pooh (via Kisthwar-Killar-Sach-Udaipur-Gramphu-Kaza-Tabo-Sumdo-Nako)....Plan is to try and also visit the Pin Valley NP (between Kazo & Dhankar). The route you have mentioned in the link .....I need some answers to the queries...
    Q1. What is the condition of the road (the route I mentioned above)?
    Q2. I intend halting at Kishtwar, Keylong, may be two days at Pin Valley NP, Pooh...You think its do-able?
    Q3. Can Honda City traverse on this road?
    Q4. Any suggestions for stay (hotels/home-stays) in and around Pin Valley NP?

    Thanks a ton!
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    Hello Col Malik,

    1. Pin Valley is all dirt track. A stretch of about 35 kilometers till Mudh Village and it is entirely broken.
    2. Yes, definitely.
    3. If you mean crossing Sach in Honda City then the answer is an absolute No. Low ground clearance will be a big problem and you car will get stuck / damaged.
    4. Tara Home Stay in Mudh village is good. If not then Ibex Hotel right in front of it is also good. Another good place to stay will be hotel Valley View at Gulling.

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