Shared taxi for leh trip-oct 15th to 21st

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  1. Hitman25

    Hitman25 New Member

    Hello everybody and specially vargis Bhai,
    Great job sharing so much info .
    I'm looking for a shared taxi for my leh trip.
    I'm reaching leh on 15th Oct and flying back out on 21st
    and plan to visit nubra and panong with overnight stays.
    Any small family / couple looking for cost cutting with dates matching for shared taxis please reply.
    I'm going there with my wife and 7 year old son.
  2. Meenakshi

    Meenakshi New Member

    Dear Hitman,
    Best wishes for a Happy and Safe journey. Have you booked your flights for to and fro ? Are you people really interested to visit Ladakh in Winter season for SNOW ? hope you heard about ILP and PAP. Pl see my itinerary below for a Week in Sept to attend the Grand Ladakh Festival on Sept 25 marking the fag end of tourist season. All hotels and cabs will be shut down during the winter season by the end of Sept. I mean, the options for stay, travel, food are very much limited and restricted from Oct onwards. Harsh winter weather may play spoilsport your plan. Check weather updates on ladakh for your travel period. cross verify the weather pattern of OCT 2017 to have an idea / prediction on Oct 2018 ladakh winter. Nevertheless, if options are available and venturing for Snow is in your mind then go ahead with the same plan for a week in Oct as below. (our agenda was to attend the ladakh festival on sep 25 and hence planner our itinerary accordingly ) so taste differs. YOU can alter my itinerary to suit your date and taste. As my plan is on Sept, i didn't consider "Raid de Himalayas" which happens in Oct 2018 (Check the dates) it is usually considered as a headache for tourists. # Boisterous.
    I am not here to deter your plans and NOT asking you to join with us. But, as a fellow traveller with care, i ask you to do some preparatory ground work before venturing ladakh with your loving wife and precious prince. We are a couple in 40s Pure veg looking for a couple / family for cost cutting measures and mainly for SAFETY. My itinerary is just a guideline for you to prepare your own for your Oct trip as taste may differ . If you have not booked the tickets and flexible itinerary on sept then you are WELCOME ON BOARD WITH US. we had done a lot of research and valuable info on ladakh routes and places. Check out my postings and guidance to other members too in the forum by searching Meticulous Madrasi or my postings in the forum under travel partners and itinerary. happy safe enjoyable trip wishes

    Dear All Travellers,

    Myself and My husband would be visiting Leh Ladakh in Mid-Sept (Best Season). We are looking for Travel Partners mainly for Enjoyment, Fun Filled Family Trip with Safety concern. We want to stay in Homestays / Guest Houses instead of Comfy Hotels and Ladakhi / Muslim Driver to provide Employment and Financial Assistance for their wonderful services and experience. It may also be termed as " CHARITY WRAPPED WITH DIGNITY ". We are Mid-age couple andPure Veg. Like Minded Family / couple, either having OWN 4WD SUV or NOT, are Welcome if the following itinerary suits.

    LEH LADAKH TRIP 8D / 7N ---- 1000 Kms +- 50 Kms
    Night Stays : Leh - 4 N, Turtuk - 1N, Panamik - 1N, Merak - 1N

    Day 1 : Sep 19 20 Kms
    Day 2: Sep 20 230 Kms
    Head straight to Lamayuru Moon Lands Hangro loops Uley(lunch) Alchi Likir Pathar Sahib MagHill Nimmoo HOFame Leh
    Day 3: Sep 21 200 Kms
    Early Start - Sankar Gompa (IF) - Khardungla - Diskit (lunch) - Hunder Nubra Camel
    Safari - Thoise - Bogdang - Turtuk Stay
    Day 4: Sep 22 150 Kms
    Morning Village Visit & Breakfast - Skuru - Diskit (lunch) - Diskit Gompa - Terith -
    Sumur / Teggar (IF) - Yarab Tso - Panamik Stay
    Day 5: Sep 23 200 Kms
    Panamik Hot springs Bath & Breakfast - Khalsar - Agham - Shyok River Road -Durbuk -
    Tangtse - Spangmik - Pangong Tso evening - Man - Merak Village Stay - Gazing Galaxy and Stars
    Day 6: Sep 24 180 Kms
    Sunrise view - Breakfast -Spangmik -Tangtse - Mighty Chang La - Zingral - Sakti (lunch)
    Hemis Gompa / Palace - Stakna - Thiksey Gompa -Sindhu Ghat - Shey Palace - Stok (IF) - Leh Stay --- Full Moon day
    Day 7: Sep 25 10 Kms
    Enjoying Opening Day Ladakh Festival - Cultural Mask Dances - Polo - Archery Competitions (over by 2pm) - Indus River Rafting (Phey to Nimmoo) - Shopping - Leh
    Day 8: Sep 26 10 Kms
    Leh Airport (8AM) -- DEL -- CHE ( 4 PM ) --- BACK TO HAPPY HOME

    Litter Free Ladakh -- Preserve Water -- Conserve Nature -- Employment to Locals

  3. Hitman25

    Hitman25 New Member

    Hi Meenakshi,
    Thanks for your concern.
    Yup,my flight tickets for leh to and fro are booked.
    I'm from Kolkata (pure veg also..same pinch)
    am into business and it's Durga puja time in Bengal then and it is the only time of the year when I can take out 7-8- days at a stretch for holidays. So this is when I'll be visiting.
    I've done a bit of homework but not too much.i guess oct will be cold but not toooo much.ive contacted a couple of tour operator s in Srinagar and what I understand is it will be manageable. I had done tawang/bumla during late Oct a couple of years back and it was fun. I had been to yumthung valley in sikkim a few years back during December and it was fun too.
    Plus it won't be too crowded ( not sure though) during late Oct,which I consider a bonus. But I guess it's Durga puja time and all the bongs will be rushing to all/any places they can lay their hands on. And ladakh would be no 1 on any travellers mind so I guess this time during late Oct there may be a few more tourist than usual b coz of Bengal. And I hope to get hold of someone to cut my costs etc.

    Anyway s even if I don't find anybody the tour is still on.

    Wishing u a happy journey in advance
  4. Meenakshi

    Meenakshi New Member

    Hi Hitesh,
    In your earlier post, i could not sense you are from bengal and you are heading for ladakh on durga pooja holidays and i know that all bongs are head for their dream destinations during the durga pooja holidays. thats why i said taste differs and itinerary suits. even i have said that my itinerary is just a guideline for your 1 week stay at ladakh as i am also doing the same 1 week trip but in Sept. It is my duty to tell the + ve and - ve about the trip to the fellow traveller and it is THE FORUM is all about. you could have seen my inputs/suggestions to other fellow travellers on their itinerary by a simple search on my forum name. Meticulous Madrasi. Apart from regular contributors like few of us, most of the members are just postings their requests and looking for the results which i consider OK but NOT proactive. they even dont bother to look other people similar requests in other heads like travel partners, itinerary, road status / maps etc.. ( not blaming you, just telling the general mentality of next gen ) no issues attitude differs. i mean the next gen are more apathy and concern only about their own issues and unwilling to explore other possibilities because of their spoonfed past. as usual, it was my duty or other moderators duty to guide you properly on the precautions you should take on ladakh trip as you are going for fun filled leisure SAFETY TRIP with family. ( hope you had noted the word LOVELY WIFE AND PRECIOUS PRINCE in the earlier one --- thats what CARING AND FORUM IS ALL ABOUT )
    coming to the point. i am once again insist that, we the moderators are not here to deter the plans of any interested traveller to ladakh. yeah, crossing one of the highest pass ( SELA PASS ) to Tawang in Oct and Yumthang valley to Sikkim in Dec gaves you more confidence to take up Ladakh in Oct. No need to worry, if you are well prepared and planned your stay, food and travel. Winter season gradually starts from Oct and you are going in Mid-Oct so start of the winter season, snowfall, Less rush still winter season business thrives, and at the same time the OPTIONS ARE LIMITED is what i intended to give an idea about winter trip. thats why i gave the tips/tricks to cross verify the weather pattern of ladakh in Oct 2017 to have an idea about your trip in Oct 2018. The plan i sent to you is just an outline of my itinerary and i know NO tourists will join us on our ELOBORATE 15 DAY TRIP actually. Mine starts on 15th Sep and ends on 29th Sept covering all nooks and corners of ladakh. hope you got it. thanks for your post, i did check on raid de himalayas thank god, luckily for you it was slated for oct 6 to 14. Best wishes for a happy and safe journey and welcoming your family to chennai in future . ( btw we had been to Kolkota, Darjeeling.....) regards Meenakshi
  5. Hitman25

    Hitman25 New Member

    Hiii Meenakshi,
    U r actually right .I had just put up my thread and haven't still checked any other posts apart from mine.
    I'll do that pretty soon also .get some more info also and try and find any travel partners within those threads if I can.
    Thanks once again for ur travel plan. But since I would be short on time I only hope to cover the major destination s...
    Urs is a good 15 days trip (feeling envious)..haaah...just joking.
    Do share the pics when u r back and also share some more 1st hand info.
    Happy travelling


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