Snowfall In Narkanda

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    Day 1 - Delhi To Narkanda

    I have been thinking about visiting Narkanda ever since I first read about the ski slopes it offers. But unfortunately my last plan of visiting the place in winder didn?t work out so i planned again, this time in the month of April. Joining me for the ride was my very close friend Shoaib.

    Delhi was already getting a little too hot for the month of April and we both knew that riding in plains until Kalka would get tough after sun comes up. So we planned to start as early as possible but by the time we started, it was already 5 am.

    Dawn was starting to break when we reached Sonipat and we stopped for our good morning tea.

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    We both were feeling a little hungry and I suggested that we stop at Haweli, a nice restaurant on Delhi Chandigarh highway. I forgot where it exactly was and thought it was located somewhere close to Sonipat. After riding for another hour with still no sign of Haweli, we couldn?t wait any longer and stopped at a dhaba to eat something.

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    With our bellies full, we again started our ride and then finally spotted Haweli in Karnal but now there was no point in stopping since we already ate too much. About 75 kms before Chandigarh, we broke our journey again for a cup of tea. Within an hour, just before Chandigarh, we turned towards Kalka. NH1 as always was a treat to ride on but the road towards Kalka was worst in ever condition. It took us almost 2 hrs to reach and cross Kalka due to heavy traffic and bad road. Right after Kalka, the ascent towards Shimla started. Shimla is at a distance of about 100 kms from Kalka but because of good road, we reached Shimla comfortably at around 4 pm.

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    We were both feeling tired by this time because we haven?t slept the night before. Once at Shimla, we thought to break the journey and continue towards Narkanda tomorrow. Shimla once upon a time was a great tourist spot but these days, it has transformed into a residential city. Narkanda is another 70 kms from Shimla so we decided to keep going. After crossing Shimla, we stopped at Kufri to eat something as we were hungry again.

    At 5.30 pm, we were both standing in Narkanda.

    Narkanda is a very small town which in winter is swarmed by tourists because it has great slopes for skiing. Since we came there in April, there was no snow and we were the only tourists in the town. We had no problem finding a hotel and rented a room at a very reasonable price.


    Though it was the month of April, Narkanda was still cold at night. Shoyab went to sleep as soon as he crashed in the bed while I stayed up for a little longer, enjoying the silent night in the hills.
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