Solo Backpacking Trip in Spiti & Leh in June/ July ! Anyone wants to join ..

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by Maany, Apr 7, 2018.

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    Hello my co travellers,

    I will be shooting for a movie in a Spiti during the end of May till beginning of June and then will start the solo traveling.
    As of now I don’t have any fixed plan but have an idea ..
    So would be exploring Spiti and mostly doing a trek for few days around Parvati Valley .. still looking around for a trek to do with a group which is in budget and for couple of days ..
    and post that head to Manali ..
    From Manali depending on the days I have either I go to Shrinagar and then Leh Ladkah or I head straight to Leh Ladakh ..
    I am planning to then stay in Leh Ladakh and volunteer with an NGO for a month but that isn’t confirmed as well .. so if that doesn’t happen I will be still be heading to Leh by the end of June .. and will be staying in Ladakh for 2 weeks exploring it ... And then back in Himachal .. planning to do Vipasna course in Dharamshala/ Mcload Ganj in month of August.. (not confirmed yet)
    So if any of you remotely interested or traveling during the month of June and July .. still waiting on NGO to confirm but will surely be heading to Leh by the end of June ..
    Honestly nothing is set in stone .. so if there is any better plan I am very happy to go ahead .. I am free spirit, open minded traveller and goes with the flow .. will always be happy for suggestions and advice and great if someone wants to join.. !

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