Spiti Permits and Road status

Discussion in 'Road Status / Maps' started by Stevens K, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Stevens K

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    Hi There

    I will be riding solo from Chandigarh to Spiti and Back beginning of May.Since I am a foreign national .I have a few questions.

    1)One of your post mentions that I can get a protected area permit in reckong peo.

    would they give a permit to a solo rider?
    And also as you mentioned I do not have contact with any travel agency to do an itinerary, would they give a permit without any travel agency letter?
    Since I was planning on riding from Sarahan to Tabo and getting my permit on the way,would the permit issues process quick or it takes a lot of time?

    2)What is the current status of the road from Shimla to Kaza, any landslide or blockades,Any recent rains in that area?

    Any advice or inputs are valuable

    Thanks a lot


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