Spiti - The land of the GODS

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    Leaving Tabo behind,we drove along the banks of Spiti.The setting sun illuminated the dark waters of Spiti in a golden glow,with the lunar landscape mountains giving an eerie out of the world feeling.

    The Golden waters of Spiti

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    As we climbed up towards Dhankar (a tiny Hamlet of 70-80 houses,perched on top of a mountain),we could see below the confluence of Spiti and Pin river, magical in the moonlight.

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    “Atithi Devo Bhava”(Guest is like God)

    How many times have we heard this in ad campaign of tourist places.We realized this when we stayed at Tashi’s homestay at Dhankar. I have traveled many places,but nowhere had I felt such at home.

    Next morning as my friend Surja went to discover the Dhankar lake behind the mountains (a hour trek), I,being the lazy of the lot,decided to explore the Dhankar monastery ( a small rustic village monastery,that his seen empires being built and destroyed and is itself now in ruins).

    Dhankar village as seen from the monastery


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    The Hills of Dhankar

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    The Lama of Dhankar Gompa

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    Tip 6 - Visit the monastery to have some great photos of the surrounding, to meet the lonely Lama who stays here all year round and to hear great stories of this place (You will have to pay a small fee for upkeep of the monastery)

    Tashi’s young son,our host

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    Bidding adieu to Tashi’s young son,we proceeded towards Lhalung monastery, a hidden gem

    Our own Rocky mountain…..on the way to Lhalung

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    The Lhalung monastery,also known as the Golden Gompa is famous for it’s intricate golden artwork and the legend of the Tree that never dies.

    Lhalung Gompa with the Lama, the legendary tree is to the right of the Lama

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    As we inched towards the Pin valley,our eyes were treated with all shades of green.

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    The young youthful Pin river, with magic wand in her hands lunged forward turning the barren mountains into riots of colors – Green Meadows,with small white pink flowers,and women in colorful dresses working in these green fields.

    A mountain village path


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