Spiti - The land of the GODS

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    When we reached Mud village,we exclaimed in disbelief…. it was truly heaven,a place which Gods will envy.

    View from the balcony of our Hotel(Hotel Ibex,Mud village,Pin valley). You can see the Parvati peak(snow capped) at the end.

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    The Mud village

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    Tip 7 : If you love photographing night sky, Mud is the perfect place for it (also to spot the elusive snow leopard

    Gods have time to play,but mortals have office to attend.So,next day we drove to Kaza,which was the anticlimax of Mud,a dusty small town. Throwing our luggage in the hotel( Hotel Kaza,situated just besides the Kaza monastery and with a great view from balcony),we rushed on a whirlwind tour of the nearby places of interest.

    Langza - The Switzerland of Spiti

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    The statue of Buddha looking towards the mountains ,which overlooks the village of Langza

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    Komik - The highest Monastery with the highest restaurant by the side.

    The world’s highest monastery @Komik



    A monk lost in thought

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    Hikkim - The highest post office of the world.

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    Tip 9: You can buy postcards here and post them home( my friends post did reach,but mine didn’t!)

    The busiest postman of the world ……

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    Kye monastery- Like the monasteries of Ladakh,but only much modest. Climb up the steps to get some beautiful views from the top.

    Like the monasteries of Ladakh

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    When man and nature works hand in hand,it creates magic

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    The colors of Spiti valley


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